Zodiac Signs Who Always Make Excuses

Zodiac Signs Who Always Make Excuses

Zodiac Signs Who Always Make Excuses Are…


Taureans have a habit of finding excuses for everything. They could justify any situation, good or terrible. To explain all of their activities takes a certain level of chutzpah, but they are experts at inventing excuses. They just feel that it is simpler to continue to their old methods rather than go above their limits, so they invent a reason to do so.

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Zodiac Signs Who Always Make Excuses (Gemini)


Gemini has a lot on their thoughts at the same time. The benefits of this are that they can multitask like a professional and see all sides of any argument. Before committing to an event, they would consider all of the possibilities. They’ll choose for a no-event if something doesn’t favor them, and they’ll give a really dramatic and potentially complicated justification.

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This zodiac sign has the habit of making excuses is seldom elegant; they not just make excuses, but they also utter blatant lies to protect you from finding out what’s really going on behind their incessant excuse-making. If they are discovered creating an excuse, they would respond with disingenuous non-apologies and lengthy justifications.

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Whenever Scorpio delivers a nasty remark, it generally comes too late and is thrown together carelessly. The very worst part is that you can always tell when they’re creating an excuse. Their pathetic explanations stem from their failure to manage priorities. They don’t simply make up reasons for their bad behavior; they also lie to get away with it.

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