Best To Worst Kissers Zodiac signs

Best To Worst Kissers Zodiac signs

Best To Worst Kissers Zodiac signs Are…


Their kisses don’t start with their mouths, but prolonged gazes will make you await their kiss. Long before they start kissing you, you’ll sense their desire for you in their eyes. This adds to the pleasure of the kissing. When it comes to kissing, a Pisceans won’t be bashful about taking the lead. They’re intensely concentrated and may kiss you for hours, repeatedly stealing your breath away and that’s why they are


You cannot get enough of Scorpion. They’re renowned as the zodiac’s most sensuous and passionate sign, and they prove it with every kiss. When given the opportunity, Scorpions will kiss your entire body, but in public, they would prefer to kiss your neck. You’ll constantly feel like they want to get down to business, even if they’re simply being fun or showing you affection.

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Before you could accuse them of being terrible kissers, a Leo would be dead. Leo will kiss you in public and tell everybody that they are the one who makes you happy. A Leo isn’t afraid to nibble and bite his way through your lips. They’re known for their big, wet French kisses, and they’re glad of it.


When it comes to kissing you, Cancer is very liberal with their time and effort. You will be satisfied in every way except one. Cancer will go to great lengths to make you feel wonderful with their kisses. Be aware that there are sentiments involved while kissing a Cancer. They are extremely private and will not share their time with just anybody.

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Taureans have a delicate kissing style. They kiss you and make you feel as if they’re holding their entire universe in their arms, and they don’t want to scare you away. They possibly have the softest lips you’ve ever kissed. But don’t be deceived by their tenderness. With each kiss, they’ll make you desire them even more.


Aries is the most laid-back of the fire signs, and this attitude comes in handy when it comes to kissing. This because? They are, after all, a fire sign. They’re highly passionate and seductive. They like teasing you and making you happy with their kisses. Even though they are like this, they are also the coolest fire sign, so they are primarily concerned with your happiness and will not go beyond what you feel is acceptable.

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With each kiss on your lips, cheeks, and everywhere else, Sagittarius loves to make you desire more. They may not be able to be serious during a kiss as it is a personal attribute to be humorous and smile a lot. While kissing you, a Sags enjoys making you smile and be joyful. This is really essential to them, and you realize that kissing them would make you feel fantastic.

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Virgos are notorious for being perfectionists who would rather die than give a lousy kiss. Virgo enjoys showing you new methods to kiss while keeping taking into account what you enjoy about it. This isn’t something they’re used to. They would not hesitate to seek your advice on how to make the kiss more pleasurable for both of you.

Best To Worst Kissers Zodiac signs (Gemini)


Geminis are passionate kissers who like making others feel wonderful. The issue arises when they wish to quit thinking while kissing. Yes, you must be able to immerse yourself in a kiss, but not so much that you forget you’re kissing a person. When you kiss a Gemini, this is what may happen. They lose control of the situation, and the kiss might become overly filthy.


Kissing is taken extremely seriously by Capricorn, just like everything else in life. What is your favorite type? They’ll look at how you react to each of their actions. They’re incredibly attentive and would go out of their way to make you happy, but they will struggle to let go properly. Capricorns just do not allow themselves to be sensuous and relaxed. They have unreasonable expectations of you and of themselves.


Librans will never initiate a kiss, and you may get the impression that they aren’t interested in you. It’s just that they like being pursued. They’re indecisive, so they spend a lot of time deliberating on a kiss. You may even discover that they are overly uptight throughout one. A Libran would make you pursue their lips for more every time they try to separate from you if you really can get them out of their heads.


Aquarians are known for being quite open-minded, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Not when it comes to kissing, at least. Your Aquarius partner will constantly want to start something different with you, which may be rather annoying. An Aquarian will also find it difficult to form an emotional bond with their partner. If they do find love, their kisses become considerably more passionate and sensuous. If they adore you, on the other hand, they will give you the finest kiss you’ve ever had.

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