how do Zodiac signs deal with breakups

How Do Zodiac Signs Deal With Breakups?

Find out how do zodiac signs deal with breakups


Aries, you didn’t want to be alone, you plunged into another relationship with somebody who was absolutely unsuitable for you. You also wanted to show yourself that you can get banged and make your ex envious.


Taurus, you cried for months about them. You viewed depressing films and listened to tunes that reminded you of them. And you’d never stop talking about them with your pals. Until your soul began to mend, they were the only thing you can think about.

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Gemini, you began sleeping with everyone who appeared to be intrigued by you. To forget about your ex, you bounced from bed to bed. You believed that enough orgasms would help you forget about the loss of somebody so dear to you.


Cancer, you shut the door to your bedroom. You quit socializing with your pals. Worse, you stopped grooming yourself, including your hair, nails, and clothing. Unless you were compelled to go to work or school, you spend most of your time in bed.

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Leo, for months, you chase them and anybody they went out with on social networks. You’d discover their entire life narrative every time they shared a photo with somebody. Your enmity had gotten the best of you. You compared yourself to every other person they may date after you.


How do virgos deal with breakups? Virgo, you put your heart and soul into your job. You gave up caring about relationships and concluded that pursuing your goals was more important. By being active, you were able to keep yourself occupied. Even when you weren’t actually being paid overtime, you were constantly at the workplace.

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Libra, you made an attempt to ‘light up.’ You began to prioritise your emotional and physical well-being. You spent more time figuring out what made you feel good. You set out on a quest to prove that you’ll be happy without being in a relationship, and you succeeded.


Scorpio, you went on a journey. You wanted to see as much of the globe as possible, but you couldn’t bear remaining in the same place where your heart had been crushed. And, you have to get out of there. You couldn’t take the chance of running into your ex anymore.

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Sagittarius, you began to party constantly. Every night, you headed out with your pals and learned about the greatest bars in town. You attempted to divert yourself by encircling yourself with others. You thought their joy would spread to you.

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How do capricorns deal with breakups? Capricorn, your soul was entirely shut off. You promised you’d never enter into another relationship. Because you believed that caring too much would only bring you misery, you drove anybody who developed emotions for you aside.

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Aquarius, whether it was a tv show, a pastime, or actual booze, you were addicted to something new. For a little moment, your preoccupation diverted your attention away from your issues. It provided you with an escape from your negative emotions.


Pisces, you began attempting to solve the issues of others. You did everything you could to look after your family members and friends so that you don’t have to worry about yourself. Their problems diverted your attention away from your own, and you felt good about yourself in the meantime.

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