How does Each Zodiac Sign Handle Crises

How does Each Zodiac Sign Handle Crises?

Find Out How does Each Zodiac Sign Handle Crises…


You’re fuelled by adrenaline, so you’re at your best in crisis situations. You’re the brave hero who will act.


You despise change and unpleasant shocks. You get frozen in a crisis. It’s difficult for you to move.

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When anything goes wrong, you don’t hesitate to flee to the hills. You’ll take care of yourself first, then care about others afterward.


You’re a healer who is more concerned with others than with oneself. If anybody you care about is in danger, you will do everything you can to help.

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You’ll have fits over the smallest of details. Surprisingly, you remain cool in times of crisis. You maintain your composure and take command.


Because you’re a worrywart, crises seldom come as a shock to you. You have previously run through every possible situation in your brain and know precisely what to do.

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You become quite silent. Internally, you’re freaking out, but you try not to reveal it. You attempt to maintain your composure for the sake of others surrounding you.


When anything goes wrong, you become enraged. You try to pin the blame on somebody. You have issues with self-control.

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When anything bad happens, you’re not surprised. It sounds fair because you’re a pessimist at the core.


Even when you’re screaming internally, you always retain your calm. You’re the ideal person to have around during an emergency since you make everyone feel as though everything will turn out OK.

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Throughout a crisis, you’ll burst into tears. You won’t be able to keep your emotions under check. They’ll bring out the excellence from you.


You will take out your phone and record the scene in an emergency. You’re not going to help. You could end up doing more harm than good.

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