Capricorn Bad Traits And Capricorn Negative Traits

10 Bad Traits Of A Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Bad Traits / Capricorn Negative Traits

A person of self-discipline, who is ambitious, and practical. Capricorns are known for their love for their ambition, they can work like anything and go to an extent to achieve their ambition. This wise and patience zodiac sign also has a number of negative traits that you need to know. Here is the list of 10 bad traits of a Capricorn.

1. Self-centered:

Before coming to any conclusion they will ask the first question of how it is going to benefit or how it is going to affect them and that’s the reason people termed them as a self-centered person. When planned for something one can see a Capricorn’s self-centered attitude. One can term this as one of the worst traits of a Capricorn.

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2. Moody:

You may not even be able to distinguish when and how to joke with a Capricorn because one moment they are filled with sarcasm and fun and the other moment they get so serious that you may not even realize what happened to them. It is one of the bad traits of a Capricorn.

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3. Pessimistic:

Capricorn always sees the negative aspect of the coin before talking about the positive sides, and sometimes they land up with so many irrelevant questions that one find irritated to work with a Capricorn.people usually term it as one of the bad traits of a Capricorn. They are so scared to come across odds that they hardly things of taking the challenge and are so pessimistic about things.

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4. Detached:

They are people who hardly get close to a person to an extent as a Capricorn can get detached from a person without even having a second thought. They hardly get attached to people and they can just walk out from your life without having any regrets about it.

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5. Demanding:

They can be very demanding at times. For a Capricorn, if they say they need something now means right now but when it comes for them to do something they start to procrastinate it and it is known as one of the bad traits of a Capricorn.

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6. Uneasy:

They are not people who are easygoing, they often show uncomfortable around people and will hardly act being comfortable around the crowd.

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7. Suspicious:

They are very suspicious about everything and you may feel awkward to be with a Capricorn because of their suspicious nature. They are suspicious not only about events but even about people and this is one of the bad traits of a Capricorn.

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8. Stubborn:

Capricorn has a strong feeling that their decision is the best one and they will hardly move out of it and thus they are known as stubborn. And this nature of a Capricorn proves difficult for others to work with a Capricorn.

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9. Gloomy:

You will find a Capricorn with a dull look frequently. They are people who spread charm but sometimes their pessimistic nature compels to walk around with a gloomy look.

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10. Shy:

It takes time for a Capricorn to open up. They are confident people and are good communicator but when it comes to open up to people it takes time for them and is shy at first sight.

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