How To Be Happy With What You Have

How To Be Happy With What You Have: 5 Simple Rules

How To Be Happy With What You Have?


You can dream, you can desire, you can work for it but it doesn’t mean you will live your life on comparison, you will get sad for not having what you want or will long for it being dissatisfied because the moment you start doing this your smile will leave you, your joy will divert its ways and your happiness will not find your address.


You will be happy only when you will know that life is not about longing but it is about enjoying what you have. You need to learn the art show to be happy with what you have, you will realize sadness will run far away from you and things will be simple, life will be simple and worth living.


1. Stop comparing:

Your happiness is yours, likewise, you are you and as an individual you are different and it is one of the best things. You don’t have to compare your life with others or your traits or anything. You are perfectly alright the way you are, you don’t have to compare your life with anyone else.


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2. Count your blessings:

The key to being happy with what you have started with counting all your blessings, all the good things that you and is the reason behind your mesmerizing smile. Count it and think how lucky you are to have everything you have.


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3. Don’t be materialistic:

The day you start comparing life with materials and start longing for it and complaining about not having it in your life, you will feel disappointed from within and here is where your happiness will come to an end. Materials can’t keep you happy, it is the people around you and you yourself who can keep yourself happy.


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4. Money is not the end:

Money can be very important in fact a necessity but it is not the end. You can be happy with what you have only when you realize that your life exists beyond money and it is known as relations and emotions. It is not the end, in fact, it is just a means to give a comfortable life. As you can be happy when you are satisfied and not when you are in a comfort zone only.


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5. Appreciate your life:

Don’t forget to appreciate your life and the things you have as if you can do this you will be happy with what you have.


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