5 Signs That You Are In A Emotional Neglect Relationship

5 Signs That You Are In A Emotional Neglect Relationship

Signs That You Are In An Emotional Neglect Relationship


Do you feel like you are being neglected emotionally in a relationship? Relationship sees different kinds of phase and every part is crucial. Not every time you or your partner will behave the same way. There will be a change in your behavior at times and you will get used to it. But sometimes a few changes in your partner changes the worth of your relationship. A relationship is a bond filled with emotional connect but what if you feel neglected in this connection? Here are 5 signs to tell you that you are in an emotional neglect relationship.


1. You feel lonely:

Despite being having a companion, being in a relationship if you feel you are alone, you don’t have a support system. It means you are in an emotional neglect relationship. If you have a partner who makes you feel lonely, sad, depressed, that relationship is not worth it. You have a person standing beside you, but still, you feel scared and alone, what does it symbolizes that you are in an ignored relationship and there is no difference in having or not having a partner in your life. It is one of the signs that shows that you are in an emotional neglect relationship.


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2. Having half a conversation:

Is your conversation with your partner in complete always? Your partner walks away when you have something to say or when you are in the middle of your conversation. If it happens means you are being in an emotionally neglected relationship. There should be respect for each other and you should have a complete conversation in order to avoid misunderstanding. Healthy conversation is a sign of a healthy relationship.


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3. Lack of empathy:

There is a huge difference between being sympathetic and being empathetic. And when it comes to relationships and partners, the first and foremost thing is that you should understand each other and the situation, entering in each other’s shoes. Lack of empathy in a relationship means a lack of understanding and lack of understanding means, lack of love and care. And without these elements, a relationship has no base. If your partner shows a sign of being lacking to empathize with you and your situation, you are in trapped of emotional negligence relationship.


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4. No eye contact and no arguments:

Your partner hardly makes eye contact with you when you’re having a conversation. It is kind of showing disinterest in you and your conversation, which even means ignoring you in all ways. You might be in a shock as to see that if there are no arguments how can it be a sign of an emotional negligence relationship, it is because a healthy relationship demands arguments. It is a way to show that you can challenge each other’s views and thoughts and can still maintain that bond.


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5. Forgetful in every step:

Your partner is late all the time, they hardly remember your birthday or any important date. They tend to be forgetful in all those important moments of your life. If it is so it means you are being faced with emotional neglect.


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