What Kind Of Heart Line Do You Have Curved Or Straight Heart Line

What Kind Of Heart Line Do You Have? Curved Or Straight Heart Line

Find out what kind of heart line do you have? Curved Or Straight Heart Line. So, find out and get closer to your personality…

Curved or Straight Heart Line is Also Known As Physical Or Mental Heart Line. So, Here We Go…

Physical Heart Line:

A heart line that curves at the end towards the fingers are known as a a physical heart line (fig 1). So, individuals who have physical or curved heart line can easily express their innermost desires and emotions in a confident and bold way. And when anything goes wrong in their life then they are ones who can quickly pick themselves up and move on in their life.

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Fig 1

Mental Heart Line:

A heart line that runs straight across the palm and does curves towards the end (fig 2) is known to be mental heart line. Individuals who have such heart line are less expressive as they find hard to express their innermost emotions and desires. They are very soft and sensitive people and due to this they easily get hurt. They tend to bottle up their innermost feeling and doesn’t like to create any drama in life and that’s why they usually suffer in silence.

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Fig 2

So, what the shape of your heart line, Curved or Straight heart line?