What Are The Different Types Of Hands

What Are The Different Types Of Hands?

Within palmistry, there are four main hand forms, each of which is linked with a different element: fire, water, earth, and air — and its associated characteristics. While astrology too incorporates the four elements, your palm type might not even match your astrological profile. As this will create balance in your life. So, let’s check out what are the different types of hands in palmistry?

Earth Hands:

Square palms and short fingers distinguish Earth hands. The hands of these people are usually strong and fleshy. Earth-handers are recognized for being realistic, sensible, and grounded. While they are safe and dependable, they might get overly preoccupied with their present concerns, which can obstruct long-term plans and accomplishments.

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Earth Hand

Fire Hands:

A fire hand is distinguished by its oblong palm and small fingers. The wrinkles and bumps on these hands are generally recognizable. Passionate, self-assured, and hardworking people are considered to have fire hands. They’re motivated by their own interests, and on a rough or terrible day, they could lack subtlety and compassion.

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Fire Hand

Air Hands:

Air hands are boney, with projecting knuckles and spindly fingers, and possess square palms and long fingers. This hand type denotes persons who are intellectually interested and have analytical ability and communication capabilities. Air-handers are quickly diverted, and if not engaged, they might get worried or restless.

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Air Hand

Water Hands:

The long palms and fingers of water hands set them apart. These hands are usually soft and moist to the touch, with a thin look. Those who have them have heightened emotional awareness, intuition, and psychic abilities. These people are frequently creatives, driven by compassion and ingenuity. They’re also incredibly soft and easily injured, which can lead to unwanted interpersonal tension.

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Water Hand