Zodiac Signs During Quarantine Due To Corona Virus Outbreak

Zodiac Signs During Quarantine Due To Corona Virus Outbreak

Zodiac Signs During Quarantine


COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world and it’s literally sad to say that the virus has taken the lives of many people. And to get out of this current situation social distancing is necessary. So, the government of almost every country has ordered its citizens to stay home and isolate themselves. And, here we have described what each zodiac sign does during quarantine due to Corona Virus outbreak.


Aries During Quarantine

Aries, you have so much built up energy and love to do some sort of physical activity during the quarantine. You even don’t mind to torture someone verbally. You like to have fun so due to this you even break the quarantine and go to the club. Aries, you have a big temper, so without any hesitation, you would harass a family member with an argument as you feel you have been stuck in jail. To get out of boredom you even twerk while clicking the house. Aries, You are the one not being able to keep still as you don’t like to be stuck in the house.


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Taurus During Quarantine

Taurus, you love this quarantine because you are the one who just adores that ‘Me Time’. You unplug from social media and spend time watching Netflix all day . You are a foodie person, so you always get a meal on standby. And most of the time you spend time sleeping and resting. You also wish to go outside for some fresh air. Taurus, you are the one who is high key chilling through the madness and also telling everyone it’ll be alright.


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Gemini During Quarantine

Gemini, you like to enhance your knowledge, so during this quarantine period you sharpen your knowledge. You are also an outgoing individual and fun-loving person, so you wish to go out and do something exciting with your friends. You are a social media freak Gemini, so you can’t stop looking through social media. Boredom just scares you and just because of this you keep annoying your family member, causing chaos within your home and ignoring the messy bedroom. And most of the time you like to spend time reading an interesting book.


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Cancer During Quarantine

Cancer, in the quarantine period, you want to cry because you can’t handle this chaos. You really don’t want to believe this is happening. Being a family person, you always make sure your family members are safe and you constantly check up on everyone. You love to be at home and cuddled up on the couch. Cooking is something you like, so you also spend time cooking something bomb. And also most of the time rearranging your home.


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Leo During Quarantine

Leo, you like to be in the limelight and you deadly miss that attention during this quarantine. So, you spend time clicking the perfect selfie or perfecting your selfie angle. You even try different outfits and playing with different makeup looks to get rid of the boredom. Leo, you are an interesting individual, so you keep everyone entertained. You keep telling everyone to calm down. You love to shop and you are terribly missing it right now. You spend tons of your time on Instagram. You are the individual who loves to wear a perfect outfit, so in the quarantine you don’t mind dressing bougie aff just to stay home.


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Virgo During Quarantine

Virgo, you are a hygienic person, so in the quarantine period you spend time sanitizing everything. You take quarantine seriously and google symptoms and freaking yourself out. You just can’t stop to overthink about the pandemic. Since you hate messy and unorganized things, so you spend most of the time organizing your room. Being a cautious individual you keep a hand sanitizer in your pocket, avoid human contact and frequently check social media for updates, after all prevention is better than cure.


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Libra During Quarantine

Libr, you love yourself too much during the quarantine and that is why you often spend time admiring yourself in the mirror. Like Leo, you too are in love with shopping, so you prefer online shopping to cope with the situation. And, you just can’t believe people are hoarding toilet paper in the quarantine. You too spend time looking at old pics in your phone and thinking about those beautiful memories you have spent with your friends and beloved ones. You are also a harmonious individual so you regularly try to keep your family members also calm. However, you too get anxious but you don’t show it to anyone. Libra one advice to you is – do sanitize your hand as you often forget to do it.


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Scorpio During Quarantine

Scorpio, you are mysterious and you too love mystery, so in the quarantine period you spend most of your time watching true crime documentaries. You get freaky nasty and don’t trust anyone and think about staying isolated forever. You often pretend to do deep research but in reality, you are doing research on nothing. Getting involved in everyone’s business is something that you can’t control during quarantine. Scorpio, you’re silently concerned about the situation of the world but not really bothered… And, you often use dark humor to comfort yourself.


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Sagittarius During Quarantine

Sagittarius, you are a fun-loving individual and even during isolation you’re having fun and thereby you never feel bored. You want everyone to listen to your pointless conversation. Even in isolation, you don’t take shi*t seriously. Watching a trashy reality show and driving everyone nuts with your optimism is something that you do. Sag, you really know how to make everyone laugh with your weird sense of humor and even during this tough time you know how to bring a smile on everyone’s face. And most of the time you spend finding someone to ghost on tinder… Sag, you are also an adventurous person and during this time you are terribly missing it, however, you are still looking to book a trip ASAP.


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Capricorn During Quarantine

Capricorn, you are always a busy and active individual but in quarantine you finally have time for yourself. However, you are badly missing your job and wish to go back to work. You also get lazy and productive at the same time. Being a money-oriented person, you even spend time counting all the money you got and also finding side hustles to make more money. And, you usually tell everybody what to do and what not to, after all you’re the boss of everything. Being an intelligent and smart individual you too spend time educating yourself on different topics. And, most of the time staring at a wall and thinking when will the situation of the world get better.


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Aquarius During Quarantine

Being the rebellious sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, you are the one who is likely to break out of quarantine and ignores all the warnings. Your home starts to feel like a prison for you and you do not want to believe anything the government is saying. Being a creative individual, you too get engaged in a new creative project. And, sometimes you too spend time watching conspiracy theories on youtube after all you are fond of truth and mystery. Aquarius, you are also a humanitarian so during the quarantine you often spend time figuring out a way to save the world.


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Pisces During Quarantine

Pisces, you are generally working on yourself during the quarantine. Being a spiritual individual you often spend time strengthening your spirituality. You often use weed and alcohol to escape reality. Being one of the sensitive signs of the zodiac you feel deeply for people affected by the virus. Being also the sign of imagination you often spend this time daydreaming. You too wish to go back to living a normal life. Often taking hour-long naps to get rid of boredom. And, being a creative individual, Pisces, you also tap into your creative skills.


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