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Zodiac Couples That Can Be The Worst Enemies

1. Gemini and Cancer

An independent, notorious, and care-free Gemini hardly go along with somewhat reserved, sensitive and emotional Cancer. Cancer has trouble communicating whereas Gemini likes it upfront. The worst part is that what a Gemini does in the name of comedy and fun, cancer might take it as an offense.


2. Aries and Aries

The worst enemy of Aries is another Aries itself as they both are equally vigorous and unfaltering. They both have natural ability to become a leader; so, there’s always a battle of supremacy between them. But as they say, two swords cannot be obtained in one sheath.



3. Virgo and Aquarius

Their problem is somewhat similar to Gemini vs. Cancer. They both have aggressively self-governing symbols. Where Virgo is more logical and analytical, Aquarius likes to go with the flow and be slightly aggressive and impulsive which does not usually go along.


4. Taurus and Leo

A Taurus is a patient, persistent yet lazy personality rather than a front-runner, and this is the only reason which clashes with Leo’s domineering appearance. A Taurus mostly acts like a stubborn bull which is definitely frustrating for Leo since Leo is in the habit of having their way.


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5. Sagittarius and Pisces

Outspoken Sagittarians can easily hurt oversensitive Pisceans who do not like rudeness or bitterness in any form. This causes immense disliking among Pisceans against Sagittarians who always feel free to say what they want.


6. Scorpio and Aquarius

The relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius is the most unpredictable. They do not like to be imposed or restricted which might just make their relationship all the more interesting. What makes them each other’s worst enemy is the way they deal with their conflicts with no one willing to step down. And they take extreme measures to prove their point and win over each Other.



7. Libra and Capricorn

For Libra and Capricorn to work together, they need to compromise on a lot of fronts. For starters, the conservative Capricorn has to deal with open-minded Libra, the perfect social animal. Libra loves to enjoy quality time whereas a Capricorn always thrives working hard. What harmonious Libra dislikes the most about Capricorn is its suspicious and detached nature.



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