Traits Of Taurus (Taurus Traits)

10 Traits Of Taurus (Taurus Traits)

Below are the 10 Best Traits Of Taurus (Taurus Traits). Hope you enjoy reading it.


1. Taurus are actually calm and quiet people

People often recognised a Taurus for their anger, but in reality they are the coolest and chilled out individuals. They actually know how to have fun in a calm and cool way, so they often use their spare time for relaxation and enjoyment.



2. But they hate to take the shit from others

Taurus are calm and cool individuals but don’t you ever try to provoke the anger of Taurus, because you will see the most aggressive side of them. Their anger is so huge as that of a bull. Just hope not to be the cause of their anger.


3. They are good adviser

Taurus are the most logical individuals, So their friends and their beloved often rely upon them for any kind of advice, the opinion may be either on breakup or marriage. Whenever you are dealing with a problem, you just need to called upon Taurus for a sensible solution. This is the third best Taurus traits.



4. Taurus are the most independent and self-sufficient individuals

Taurus is extremely independent sign, even to fulfill their daily requirements, they will work really hard. They don’t believe in ‘luck by chance’ but they believe in hard work to make their own luck.


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5. Taurus has a sixth sense in detecting the fakeness

Taurus can sense the bullshit and fakeness from far away, as they have inbuilt ability to sense it.
If a Taurus is being nice and honest with you than they expect the same in return and if they sense you are playing games with them than they will never have time for you. This is the fifth best Taurus traits.


6. Taurus is loyal til the very end to those who have earned their trust

Taurus is the most loyal sign of entire Zodiac and that’s why people often spill their beans with them. And it’s very hard to win the trust and loyalty of a Taurus, but once you earned it then you have found then you can rely on them forever.



7. They are extremely stubborn

It’s absolutely correct that the Taurus may get stubborn at the times when they believe that they are right and everyone around them is wrong. Taurus are determined being and it’s really tough for them to change their mind once they have made their minds on anything.


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8. Taurus falls for reliability, stability and a good sense of humor

Taurus traits number 8. Taurus are always craving for a partner who is stable and as well as extremely reliable like them. Along with reliability and stability if they have found someone who is humorous, funny and can make them laugh hard then it’s a bonus for them and believe me they will get impressed.



9. Taurus can’t fall for someone until they can’t trust the fully

It’s very important for the Taurus to gain the trust before giving their heart to you. In order to win the heart of a Taurus, you must be very loyal and trustworthy.


10. Taurus will take a long time to heal their broken heart

Taurus traits number 10. In Spite of being calm and quiet there is only one thing that Taurus find hard and it’s the heartbreak. Taurus really finds very hard to move on and will often take such a long time to heal and return to their normal life.