Traits Of Sagittarius (Sagittarius Traits)

10 Traits Of Sagittarius (Sagittarius Traits)

Below are the 10 Best Traits Of Sagittarius (Sagittarius Traits). Hope you enjoy reading it.


1. Sagittarius is independent doesn’t like to be controlled

Sagittarius just hate senseless rules imposed upon them by the souls who don’t have any right on them. So don’t ever try to control their life or question them about their every move as they will never mind to distance themselves as immediately as they can.



2. They are frank and honest

In the entire Zodiac Sagittarius have the most honest and straightforward nature. While some people often find them blunt while their friends like their honest nature. They will say everything in the way it is and will never sugar coat anything. So, if you want to hear a complete and honest truth then you should go to Sagittarius. One of the best trait Of Sagittarius zodiac sign.


3. Sagittarius is adventurous freak and like to experience different things

They doesn’t like to live a monotonous and boring life. They also have have a keen desire to learn new and different things in life and want to feel more alive, so that’s why they are constantly thirsty for adventures.


4. Sagittarius can be nervy and impatient

Sagittarians are always in search of aim and they don’t settle for less and are always ready to chase the next big thing. They often get frustrated and impatient when things doesn’t go according to their speed.


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5. They like to prove others wrong

Sagittarians are also the ambitious freak and due to this trait they can’t resist any challenges in life. When someone underestimates their capabilities than Sagittarius will bring out their competitive side to prove them wrong. They even don’t mind in working so hard just to prove others wrong. So, don’t ever dare to tell a Sagittarius that they can’t do something.


6. Sagittarius are very hard to fool

It’s very hard to fool a Sagittarius as they are very cunning and intelligent. So don’t dare to underestimate their quick witted personality and their ability to think ten step ahead. They are always ready with Plan B,C,D, E,F and even G when their plans fails.



7. When a Sagittarius is hurt then they distance themselves from people from people

They shows their anger to the world but they never disclose their emotions with anyone. It’s very difficult for them to show their emotional side to the world, so they often find to easy to express their feelings through actions rather than words.


8. They are witty, spontaneous and knows how to entertain others through their wicked Sense of humor

Sagittarius star sign trait number eight. They have inborn humor, they know how to attract and entertain people through their observational humor and ruthless sarcasm. They too have a side which is very spontaneous and fun. They can turn any boring situation into an interesting one which is why people often feel better when a Sagittarius is around.


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9. Sagittarius is very cautious about who they give their heart to and takes time to commit

Sagittarians are not the type of person who will enter into a relationship until they believe that person is worthy to them. They are also not the type of person who will settle with the first person who attracts them. So, if you are planning to make a Sagittarius fall for you then don’t go too tough and too quick because this is the sign who is very careful with commitment.


10. Sagittarius is optimistic and doesn’t hold onto grudges

Sagittarians are very optimistic about their future and passionate about their life. They always believe in developing their strength and skills rather than living over misfortunes. So, they are not the ones who will hold onto grudges for the longer period but instead believe in moving forward with the future rather than dwelling in the past. They have many vital things in life that they want to focus on rather than being negative.