Traits Of Gemini (Gemini Traits)

10 Traits Of Gemini (Gemini Traits)

Below are the 10 Best Traits Of Gemini (Gemini Traits). Hope you enjoy reading it.


1. Gemini don’t like conflicts

Gemini truly hates dramas and conflicts which doesn’t have any sense. Whenever any conflict starts to heat up, you can usually see a Gemini avoiding it and simply walking away from that situation. This is one of the best Gemini traits. They like to focus on more sensible things rather than wasting their time on such a pointless issue.



2. But if you try to disturb their peace of mind then they will not forget to respond

Gemini wants to be a peacemaker and they usually work on it but if you push them hard and disturb their peace of mind than they will never hesitate to respond back and show you your place. Don’t ever underestimate a Gemini because they will never hesitate to stand up for themselves and when they get angry they will use words that you don’t want to hear.


3. The Gemini mind is always occupied with thoughts and ideas

Geminis has a curious mind and are always racing and examining with all kind questions, ideas and thoughts. Gemini has various kinds of passion and interests, so that’s why it’s very hard for them to stick to any one thing for a longer time.



4. Gemini is a massive flirt

Geminis are often been tag as the masters of flirtation. Actually, they are natural friendly individuals who just love to talk. Sometimes they even don’t realize that they are flirting while other time they are helpless about it.


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5. Gemini is highly independent and uncontrollable

Geminis are their own boss and they don’t want to live a life with someone’s opinion. This is the fifth best traits of Gemini. They are the ones who will usually build their own way. They are like a free bird who wants to fly high without any restriction if you are trying to lock them in a situation then they will not hesitate to move away from you as immediately as they can.


6. Gemini has zero patience for overly critical people

Geminis literally don’t have any time for critical people who know only how to complain and can’t control themselves in nudging in every matter. If a Gemini finds you repeating the same thing over and over again then they will simply get bored away and move away from you.



7. They are an extremely Loyal friend, ally and a lover

It’s very hard to earn the earn the trust of a Gemini and they will usually take a long time to commit in a relationship, but once you earn the trust of a Gemini then they will be the extremely loyal lover and as well as a friend.


8. Gemini can get crazy at times

Gemini traits number 8. Geminis are completely crazy. They can be unpredictable weirdos at times leaving everyone guessing and puzzled like what they are planning next. Geminis like mixed up things and they exactly know how to change any dull and boring situation into an interesting one.



9. They are not scared to tell you their thoughts

Geminis are the ones who don’t use any kind of filter and will tell you exactly what they are thinking. They even don’t mind announcing their beliefs to the whole world.


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10. Gemini is a restless soul and is always in go on a mission

Gemini traits number 10. Geminis love to explore and experience different thing. They hate to live a monotonous life. They usually don’t stay in any one place for too long and are always in the mission to go on and on.