How To Attract A Gemini Man

How To Attract A Gemini Man? Find it out

Formula To Attract A Gemini Man


Gemini men are known for their intelligence and enthusiastic attitude, you will find them with full energy. They are funny and at the same time charming, knowledgeable. They are very friendly in nature and are very social, completely party animals. They dream very big and have big goals in life. But apart from all these qualities, a Gemini man is the most complex among all the zodiac signs, they are so complex that even their close friends and family can’t describe their individual traits perfectly. Like their twin signs, Gemini has a dual personality and it is common for man and woman too. And one of their negative traits is that they lack consistency and stability, they are extremely fickle and it is not easy or that simple for one to guess what’s on their mind and in most cases, they themselves are confused about what they are thinking.

So to impress a personality like this needs a lot of energy and time along with it some best ways as to how to attract a Gemini man. If you can spend time and follow these best ways to attract a Gemini man than it won’t be difficult for you.


Follow these ways of how to attract a Gemini man:


1. Be Witty:

A woman with a sense of humor gets all the attention of a Gemini, he wants someone with whom his sense of humor matches and if you are one of them then he will not only get attracted to you but would love to spend time with you and laugh together at each other’s jokes.


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2. Be Spontaneous:

Be impromptu, means you don’t need to plan or prepare for dinner by asking him or planning about it from days. They want someone who is very spontaneous in nature and surprises them in every phase of their lives. Be quick and active on whatever you do, it will impress a Gemini man very intensely.


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3. Be Independent:

If you want a Gemini man in your life then learn to be independent as a Gemini man gets attracted to a woman who is not dependent on anyone for anything.


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4. Dress Well:

No doubt being fickle-minded a Gemini wants a woman with both beauty and brain and above all a woman who knows how to carry herself. A Gemini man gets attracted to looks and he would love to be with a woman who has a good dressing sense.


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5. Be Social:

A Gemini is surrounded by many friends due to their awesome personality and if you want to pull the attention of a Gemini, you need to be one of them among his many friends and for that you need to be social.


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6. Be Mysterious:

Don’t fold up all your secrets at once as a Gemini loves a woman who is mysterious and he gets to know her slowly by slowly. Be unpredictable and surprise him by your personality. This quality of yours will not only attract him but also will make this fickle-minded personality stick to you.


If you want a personality who is filled with humor and at the same time intellectual then you need to rub your hands and follow these tips of how to attract a Gemini man, you will be successful in making a Gemini man yours.


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