Characteristics Of People Born Under Leo Virgo Cusp

Characteristics Of People Born Under Leo-Virgo Cusp

Leo-Virgo Cusp individuals are born between August 19 and August 25. These individuals are generally ambivert, imaginative, eager, inventive, sensational, reliant, certain, genuine, pioneers, idealistic, coherent, timely, perfectionist, one of a kind, and carefree. However, at times, they can be unapproachable, selfish, cold, and obstinate. Like some other cusp individuals, they are as well-drawn to different cusps like Pisces/Aries cusp, Taurus/Gemini, and so on.

Characteristics Of People Born Under Leo-Virgo Cusp Are…

  • People born under the Leo-Virgo cusp have the qualities of both fire and earth elements. They’ve got the blazing and vivacious nature of Leo with a blend of the sensible and careful brain of Virgo. However, they have an exceptionally red hot character, individuals of Leo Virgo cusp are profoundly secretive and silent.
  • Humble, liberal and capable, and so forth are the few attributes that make these individuals incredible team members and pioneers too. Yet, their detail-oriented traits make others annoyed.

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Characteristics Of People Born Under Leo-Virgo Cusp (Leo)
  • Leo-Virgo cusp individuals are incredible sweethearts as they are profoundly heartfelt, faithful and fun loving. They as well have an extraordinary capability to persuade individuals and gratitude to this, they can be great professors and pioneers.
  • While talking about the Leo-Virgo, the earth component Virgo gives tranquillity and this neutralizes the fire of Leo. so, these individuals are by and large wonderful, sincere and smart.
  • They are profoundly aware of their wellbeing and they generally attempt to remain fit and dynamic and give sufficient time for exercise consistently.

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