People Born In October

10 Amazing Facts Of People Born In October

1. They love peace

If you have October born people in your life or in your society you are living in then you will feel highly safe and comfortable in your daily life. People born in October are peace lovers and they always maintain a peaceful relationship with the people around their surroundings.


2. Family is their top priority

One vital thing about people born in October is that they consider family as their top priority. They love to build a family where there is warmness in the home which is full of positive vibes in which everyone loves one another unconditionally.



3. They are fair – minded

People born in October are fair-minded individuals, they are fair towards everyone. They always ensure that everything has fairness and equality. They even support others in seeking justice that they deserve. They have this belief that everyone, whether poor or rich, is equal and deserves the same privileges and rights.


4. Easily get offended

October born people are prim and proper almost all the time and are very cautious about their every moves. That’s the main reason why they get easily offended by people rough and harsh reaction. If you are in touch with these folks than make sure to keep an eye with your behaviour.


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5. They hold a Strong Psychological Aptitude

These people don’t need to worry about the intellectual capacity as they are full of it. They have a brain which is skilled with enough knowledge and that is why they are highly capable of working in the stock market, food industry, and real estate.


6. They are not good in decision making

These folks find decision making very difficult, this traits of theirs even make them feel helpless. They find very difficult to learn from their mistakes and even modify their mistakes. Although they can cope up with it by using their accurate intuitions and logical minds.



7. Business – Oriented

These folks are business – oriented. They have high interest in business and usually they are good in it. This is the main reason why they learn the whole picture of every business they are into.


8. Highly competitive

After all, they are born with overflowing brains and full of knowledge in their minds, so there is no doubt that October born are highly competitive. You need to better watch out as these folks can be the biggest competitor of everyone. The key to this astonishing personality in them can be their rational and intuitive minds.


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9. They tend to throw personal remarks

This is the most negative trait of October born folks. People get very much annoyed by their nature of giving too personal remarks. Actually, they even don’t realize that they are hurting someone.


10. They possess creative minds

The best quality of these folks is that they have highly creative minds. This is the by birth quality in them and it usually assists them when it comes to real work setting in the industry where they have got in. So, you don’t need to get astonished when you find October born people being very successful in the field of art and interior designing.


So, if you are in touch with October born people then be ready to face their peacefulness, competitiveness and creativeness.