10 Bad Traits Of A Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

10 Bad Traits Of A Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Bad Traits / Sagittarius Negative Traits

The most energetic sign is filled with optimistic thoughts. They are very intelligent people who love pouring out philosophical thoughts. They are known as large-hearted people who love giving but along with all these good traits, Sagittarius has n number of negative traits. Here is the list of 10 bad traits of a Sagittarius.

1. Clumsy:

You will find a Sagittarius falling down here and there, getting hit everywhere, be it with people or objects. They will drop on things when asked to handle and forget about eating from a Sagittarius hand because they will drop it on you. They are known as clumsy people who don’t know how to handle things at all.

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2. Overconfident:

It’s good to be confident but a Sagittarius is known to be overconfident and it often leads to their downfall. This can state as one of the worst traits of a Sagittarius. They happen to behave like they can do everything and it makes difficult for people to deal with them.

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3. Insensitive:

Though they are known as emotional sometimes, most of the time they are insensitive to the emotions of others and end up hurting them. It is one of the bad traits of a Sagittarius.

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4. Blunt:

They are brutally honest and when they speak they think of nothing, they will just speak no matter how the other person may take their words or who is on the opposite side, they will just hurt them. It is known as one of the bad traits of a Sagittarius.

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5. Superficial:

Sometimes they talk about things which can’t turn to reality. They will talk about it as if it can be turned into reality but they talk things shallowly.

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6. Careless:

They are very careless in nature, it is hard for them to handle the situation or things properly.

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7. Impatient:

Sagittarius is very restless. You won’t find them to be patient, they cannot have the patience to hear or tolerate anything. They are very impatience and its hard to work with them together because of their impatience attitude.

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8. Missed Details:

Because of their impatient nature, they forget to focus on details. They missed details whenever they work on something because of their restlessness.

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9. Demanding:

Right now means right now for a Sagittarius. They are very demanding and you won’t see any leniency from their end.

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10. Stubborn:

They are strong-headed if they stick on something they don’t like giving up on it. They will not listen to others unless their point gets importance. It is one of the bad traits of a Sagittarius.

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