Why One Sided Love Is Much Worthy

Why One Sided Love Is Much Worthy?

One Sided Love Is Much Worthy


“Somewhere, somehow, maybe I can find someone who can make my heart beat again.. For every day that I pine for your love, and for every single time you reject me, I start to die deep inside. That throbbing pain has slowly turned into numbing emptiness..”
― Laarni Venus Marie


You imagine a person daily in your life, you want them, you wish to have them but when your expectations don’t turn to reality it breaks you from within. Loneliness, self-doubt, rejection, and heartache make unrequited love seem like the worst possible experience one can ever have.


“The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else”


It is disheartening to accept the fact that a few love are never meant to be delivered, never meant to be felt, they are meant to fall apart like the broken pieces of your heart which holds nothing but pain, but is one-sided love so worst that it gives you only pain, because love is one of the most beautiful things and it can’t give you only pain. Yes, exactly one-sided love does not give you only pain but it gives you a number of lessons and teaches you many things, one-sided love is worth it because it teaches you the best lesson ever.


1. It will teach you how to handle rejection in life:

It may sound weird, it may feel worse when you faced rejection or when your love didn’t get acceptance, but it’s completely fine because something better is waiting for you and you have learned to face rejection in life. It is not that the other person intended to hurt you but it’s just the other person didn’t feel what you felt for them and being honest you end up facing rejection and it’s fine.


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2. You will understand love:

You will understand love in a more appropriate way and even the fact that even without being loved back you can love someone, even after rejection you can accept the fact. You understood love from a step more closer, you can love without being loved and it’s fine.


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3. It helps you to understand relationship more closely:

It just gives you a lesson to understand the scenario before falling for someone, it gives you a lesson that feelings from both the end is required to be in a relationship. And the relationship is about loving each other and only unrequited love can be taught you that love from both the side is a must.


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4. It compels you to improve yourself:

You will start changing yourself with the feeling that you need to be perfect just to get accepted and at first you will do it for them but slowly you will do it for yourself. And it will compel you to be your best version and improve your personality.


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5. It teaches you to maintain distance relationship:

If you ever been in one sided love maintaining long-distance relationship won’t be difficult because the way you kept your feelings within you and love the person, you can even do it when you are in a relationship.


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6. It enhances your confidence and self-esteem:

It may not make sense but yes, unreciprocated love enhances your confidence because it has made you strong and boost your confidence. If you can come over rejection and still keeping the strength to stand up then yes, it has enhanced your confidence and boost your self-esteem.


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