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Why Are Women Always Being Judged?

Being a woman is really tough. As we women are being judged by our relationship status to our body structure. Not only that we are being judged in lots of matter. Sometimes, I wonder is it fair to judge us in everything we do or we wear? I think it’s not fair, we women need to treat equally as men, even though we have done many tasks as equal to men, but we are still being judged.


1. We are being judged on the matter of our relationship status

If she is single or divorcee it’s not fair to tag her ugly or guilty. Sometimes a man can also be guilty.
“I’m single and it’s staying like that until I’m absolutely sure I meet someone worth the try.”
“Yes I’m a divorcee and it’s my choice.”
“Yes, I’m a single mother by choice. I decided to raise a child, not marry one.”
If she is in a relationship or has many male friends it’s not fair to tag her a whore.
“Yes, I’m in a relationship and I feel lucky to have him”
“Yes, my best friend is a guy. No, we aren’t in love”


2. We are being judged by our skin complexion

If her skin complexion is dusky or black it’s not fair to tag her unattractive or she will not find a good groom.
“The color of my skin doesn’t define my self-value.”
“Why should my choice be limited to my skin complexion.”


3. We are being judged by the way we dress up

If she likes to dress in the simplest form it’s not fair to tag her ugly or bhenji.
“I am simple and not committed… …but I am not “ugly” or ‘‘behenji’’
If she likes to groom herself in a stylish form or loves to wear a red lipstick it doesn’t mean she has done it to impress men
“I don’t dress up nicely to impress men, I do it for myself, for confidence”


4. We are being judged on the choice to have kids (or not have kids)

If she doesn’t want to have a kid due to some issues in her life it’s not fair to tag her selfish.
“Yes, I want our choices regarding fertility to be supported. I want our privacy to be respected.”


5. We are being judged by our cooking skills

If she doesn’t know how to cook delicious food or she doesn’t know how to make a perfect round chapati that doesn’t mean she is not qualified to be a perfect bride.
“Yes, I’m born to be real, not to be perfect.”


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6. We are being judged through of our education qualification

If she is highly qualified that doesn’t mean no guy will marry her.
“You educate a man; You educate a man. You educate a woman; You educate a generation.”


7. Ultimately We are being judged for making our own choices

If she makes her own choices it’s not fair to judge her and give her different tagline. After all, she too has her own life, her own choice. She has the power to nourish everyone around her and she is the precious gift which our Algimity has created then why is she being judged on basis of her every choice? she too has the right to dream and make her own choice.