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What True Love Really Means?

Tell me what true love really means for you? What does it stand for you?



Loving someone unconditionally, standing on their expectations, making sacrifices, understanding them, feeling the emotion of love and only love or pain, only pain. One can even agree to a statement that True Love Is Equal To Pain, it gives you undeserving pain, that pain you never want, you never deserve but still, it was destined for you. All you did was love without pretending, but tell me is it really love or just an attachment, a feeling to hold someone in your life permanently even after knowing that this is a mortal world and presence won’t last long. What is True Love then?


Let me tell you what true love is, what is the feeling of true love, what it really means, real love can never give you pain, the process may, the absence may, the presence of memories may, but the two words true love will never. Real love stands for freedom, it should never bound you or your partner. As an individual and being a human, we cannot deny that the present matters a lot, the time that we spend matters and physical presence enhances our relationship. But if you love the soul of a human being, if you love truly and not simply, even the absence of physical being won’t matter to you, even the fear of losing them won’t come in between your love, you will only love and love, you will love freely, without considering anything, without having any fear in any way.


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Especially when talking about relationships love the soul of your partner, soul which is immortal, other factors like caring, valuing, supporting, loving will follow automatically. You will love her or him the way they are because the physical or mental change won’t matter as you have to love something that is constant and it’s the soul. You cannot keep a person happy throughout your life and making such fake promises to keep your partner happy is not real love, because we know humans are meant to go through different emotions and sadness is also part of it. A human will go through pain, hardship, will shed tears, will have breakdown in life, will be happy sometimes, angry, will behave crazy sometimes but supporting your partner in every phase of your life is what real love really means, even in the absence of your partner maintaining that love is what is meant as true love.


Understanding is the first key to keep a relationship healthy. Yes, it is, you will understand your partner better when you observe him or her carefully, when you feel here is where I have found my life partner, not only life partner but a soul whom I can love even if my heartbeat stops because no one can predict what happens to our soul once it leaves our body. So it is free to love even then and this is the meaning of true love.


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Real love never depends on time, it never depends on physical presence, it doesn’t see age, caste, creed, gender, status, the right time to happen, it just seeks for a soul who deserves to be loved truly. It is a feeling, it just happens without knowing. You feel for a person, you just feel. True love can only be felt not described.



Characteristics of true love is, you will love without any fear, will love freely, no holding on, because love means freedom, love without conditions, without expectations, loving the soul. This defines the real meaning of true love.


Love is in the air, true love is in the vein, in every nerve, in the soul that is the reason it doesn’t die even when a person leaves the earth. It doesn’t vanish even when the love birds leave the world, it’s aura is even felt when the two heart stops beating. It is even felt even when life doesn’t exist. True love exists even when the body doesn’t.


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