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Top 10 Successful Relationship Tips That Every Woman Should Know

In the current situation, the world thinks that ‘Relationships are really hard!’. But, I oppose this notion. Relationships are not hard but, it’s the individuals that are involved in the relationship create the twist. In other words, successful relationships require effort and commitment. You don’t need a magic wand to build a happy and healthy relationship, you will certainly do if you just pay heed to these 10 successful relationship tips.


1. Don’t avoid problems

No one actually likes quarrelling all the time. So, whenever, you see a problem occurring you tend to fight. However, this will not work. You cannot fight will someone for years and years. So, before the problems stack up, try to keep calm and solve them before its too late.



2. Don’t chase him

Chasing is a turn-off for men. It’s sad to see most of the women doing this a lot. Chasing comes in all kinds- it could be stalking, calling him 100 times a day, or it could be even subtle like you’re more interested in him than he is. One of the best successful relationship tips is, ‘let him follow you’.


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3. Show appreciation

Everyone wants to be appreciated by their partner, and your man wants the same. Thank him even if he does little things, even if he put dishes in the dishwasher. Appreciate him for everything he does for you. Doing so will more likely to make him do things for you in the future to keep you happy.



4. Don’t try to change him

Women are famous for attempting to change their man. For example, ‘he’ll change for better, once we get hitched’. Most successful relationship tips are- if you don’t like how he is at present without being changed, then you shouldn’t be with him. Your struggle won’t work, because you cannot change a man anyway.


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5. Don’t be possessive

It’s true. No woman wants to share her man. However, there is a subtle line between wanting to keep him or being excessively jealous and possessive. Extreme possessiveness and jealousy are smothering quality and it pushes a man away. Rather, be more secure on your own and stop worrying about losing him. Even if you do, you’ll be fine.



6. Make sure you connect physically, emotionally & mentally

Connect, it’s one of the best successful relationship tips. However, it’s easy to preach than to practice. Remember to keep an equal balance between these three connections- physically, mentally and emotionally. Imbalanacing in any of these will lead to uncertainty and demise of the relationship.


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7. Never tolerate any kind of abuse

Abuse simply doesn’t mean having him hit you. Abuse involves- mental abuse and emotional abuse. Your physical injuries can heal with time, but it had to deal with or overcome the mental and physical abuse. So, never tolerate any sort of abuse. It will degrade you.



8. Have your own life

No matter how deeply in love you both are, it doesn’t mean that you should put a pause at the rest of your life. One of the important successful relationship tips is, don’t isolate your friends for him. Don’t quit your dreams and go for something else just for his sake. It’s crucial to have some independence and an identity of your own.


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9. Strive for equal effort

Have you heard that relationship should be 50-50? It’s totally wrong. A relationship should be 100-100. There should be an equal 100% effort from both ends, then only the relationship will grow stronger. If it gets off balance, have a conversation so that you can get on track again.



10. Love yourself

Majority of the women across the world complain about not finding the right man or the right partner. They always attract a jerk who never handle them right. Well, its probably because you don’t love yourself enough and that love, you seek in others. Self-love is important. Focus on the good qualities in yourself and love yourself for who you are- it is one of the best successful relationship tips.


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