Effects Of Fat Shaming

The Negative Effects Of Fat Shaming

Fat Shaming Effects In Our Life


Have you come across people giving you free advice for your body size or weight, is it really a piece of advice or a sign of demotivation?


You must have usually come across words like ‘’eat less’’, ‘’how much you will eat’’, ‘’you have turned oversize’’, ‘’this dress won’t fit on you’’, ‘’have you seen your size’’, ‘’you may disable the lift due to your weight’’, and so on? It may be just words for others, just a way to laugh or make the moment funny, but for the one who is going through it, they feel demotivated, ashamed. It is very easy to give free advice when not needed but takes a lot of courage to motivate them in the right way, to accept them the way they are.


Some believe that their words may act as a motivation and help the person to make changes in their eating habits or to work out on them, but the case is opposite, instead it results in imbibing that feeling of inferiority, they feel terrible about their own self, feels shy to stand out in the crowd and it is becoming one of the major reasons why people get demotivated in life.


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What does fat shaming basically mean?


It means in the name of ‘advice’ people criticize and pass comments about the size of the body, few even land up in harassing overweight and oversize people about it. It means making fun about their eating habits and making them feel guilty about it.


It is usually observed that people involved in fat shaming are slim and fit and they don’t know the struggle and pain that overweight people go through or is going through. And if people give you a reason that they are motivating you, asked them to “shut up’’, because motivation lies within you and not with them. The words used by them are acting as pain and their words are not helping you in any way. So asked them to mind their own business and not to add salt in your wounds.


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Here are the effects of fat shaming:


1. Psychological Stress:


Being discriminated for fat shaming can make that person suffer from psychological stress leading to anxiety, depression, they may run away from crowds. It is said that people who usually face this kind of situations are at high risk to face some other mental issues including depression.


2. Reduces Confidence:


People going through it may build that wall of aloof and may lack the confidence to deal with people or come up for anything. It may reduce their level of confidence and demotivate them highly in life.


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3. Eating Disorders:


In order to come up to the expectations of others they may make a drastic change in their eating habits or may cut off completely from eating, leading to eating disorders, it is not at all healthy and is not suggested


4. Physical Health Problems:


By all the mental problems like stress, anxiety, and change in eating habits one may suffer from chronic diseases. Physical problem arises when your mental health is at risk and you are not in peace.


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It is fine to be the way you are, just be healthy in all ways, be it psychologically, mentally or physically, you don’t have to worry about anything.