The Effects Of Body Shaming In Our Life

The Effects Of Body Shaming In Our Life

I was born to live the way I want, and not the way you want me to. If you started ruling my life am I really living or you have taken away my breath?


Body shaming, a simple word we often hear but don’t understand the depth of it, we don’t realised that unknowingly, unintentionally, we are practicing it in our day to day lives and hurting sentiments of the one who is going through it.



It sounds funny and easy when you ask someone to eat less because of their size, or join a gym because of their weight, or asks to have some height increasing medicine because of their height, sometimes you joke on their appearance, but why? It is simple for you, funny for you, easy for you, but not a single thing for them. It is not easy to hear those words, not funny to laugh at their own body and not at all interesting to listen to your words. They may not react instantly, it may seem like it didn’t affect them but deep down it has some profound effect, it disturbs their mentality. It has a number of effects.


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Physical effect:


When you asked someone to lose weight or gain weight commenting on their body shape and size they really get disturbed and in the course of trying to come up to your expectations, they suffer from physical health. Like joining a gym forcefully just to gain a perfect body and it really affects their health when it is done without having an interest in it. When someone asks you to eat less, it leads you to a situation of undernourished, having all kinds of health issues.



Mental health:


The inferiority complex that one builds because of their body structure and the constant pressure to gain a perfect body puts humans to suffer from mental health like depression and they often tend to spend their time on trying to fit in within the society by sacrificing their needs and wants, just to look perfect and get accepted.


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Psychological health:


The fear to get rejected, insulted because of their appearance always proves to affect their psychological health. They feel awkward and shy to express themselves or present themselves in front of others. It somewhere leads to a lack in confidence and they start running away from the crowd.



Eating disorders:


The thought of whether eating this may gain me fat or eating that, all these thoughts lead to developing eating disorders. People who are shamed for their body often have hard times dealing with foods or eating habits. Sometimes they are scared to eat in front of people. It often leads to eating disorders.


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Body shaming should be stopped.


Everywhere you will find the phenomenon of body shaming and it is not only common in young man, but also in people of different age groups. It has made individual to be dissatisfied of their body structure and has compelled them to go through hard times or punish themselves through different means, like forceful gymming or a strict diet, leading people to suffer from different health issues. Body shaming should be stopped now, so that the illusionist message that perfect body is needed for acceptance will manipulate the next generation too, making them suffer from all these issues. Body structure doesn’t define you, it is just a cover, your worth is defined by who you are, and not what your structure is.


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