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“She’s a woman and she needs to be loved”

How would mankind be without a woman?
How would great men survive without a woman?
How this world would run without a woman?
Have you ever questioned these to yourself?
She raised you.
She is born for you.
She is born with you.
She has done so much for you but still you all choose to kill her, molest her, ditch her, torture her, hate her!
Yet she tolerated her labour pain for you.
Yet she fought and sacrificed everything for you.
Yet she has been there for you through every thicks and thins.
Yet she tolerated all the heartaches you gave her, yet she tolerated your hatred for her and instead loved you hopelessly, helplessly.
Yet she forgave you even after you tortured her, tried to kill her and molest her.



“With all her tears
Forgetting all her fears
Hiding all her scars
And loving you beyond the moon and stars
Like a flocking lark
With her big heart
She loved you like she loved you from the start.”

“No men are bad
No men are good
It’s just that hardwood
That creates the boundaries
Because of that boundaries, he gets misunderstood but to her, no matter how hard it seems to hold on to the same person she loved since her childhood, the adulthood she has chosen him as her one in a million even after he acts too rude!


She is impulsive as well as expressive If it comes about “love.”
She may cry, she may die, to tell her parents and everyone she may lie,
If it comes about “love.”
She is shy, she denies every other guy, she sighs if it comes about “love.”
Ever asked her “Tell me why?”
Ever asked her “Prying eyes?”
Ever held her hands and told her
“Why are you so precious like a day is precious tonight?”


Have you ever asked me the reason why I’m arising such kind of question?
I’m doing all these things in order to pass my message by writing that
“She is a woman and she needs to be hugged.”
She is a woman and she needs to be loved.”
You know why you all were born?
It’s all because of her will,
Guts, love, struggle and above all her moral support, kindness and empathetic nature which is beyond fancy sympathies.


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“She deserves love. It is her right to be loved! She owes love and she is privileged to be loved.”
“She is the masterpiece of Almighty and the symbol of love as God is love possessing all goodness in the form of three Goddesses “Minerva, Athena, Mother Mary.”