How To Stop Being Jealous 3 Most Effective Ways

How To Stop Being Jealous? 3 Most Effective Ways

Most Effective Ways To Stop Being Jealous


It is common to feel jealous as it is natural and sometimes it even motivates you in life to do better. As a human, we all face a situation where jealousy comes naturally. But what if you behave very awkwardly by being jealous. Sometimes we get mad out of jealousy which is not at all healthy. Maybe you see fashionable clothes worn by your cousin and you are burning out of jealousy, to help it out you may pass sarcastic comments just to make yourself feel good but it is not at all good. If jealousy results in hurting someone, bringing negative thoughts, you need to work on it, you need to help yourself so that you don’t feel the way you are feeling. Here are the 3 most effective ways as to how to stop being jealous.


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1. Be self-aware and find the root cause of it:

First of all, accept the fact that it is natural to feel jealous and it is just okay. But if you feel that it is going to an extent and you need to try to balance it, you need to self-aware yourself about it. You need to let yourself know that you are feeling jealous and you need ways to tackle it. Find the root cause as what is making you feel that way, is it you are getting jealous of all the materialistic stuff that someone is having or the kind of life they are living. If you could find the exact cause, try to think about what you have and let your jealous go off. When you start counting what you have more than what you don’t, you automatically start feeling less jealous or no jealousy at all. It is one of the best ways as to how to stop getting jealous.


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2. Take a deep breath whenever you feel too jealous and stop using sarcasm for it:

We usually use sarcasm to hide our jealousy but when we do so we are giving it air to rise that jealousy more. When you feel like you are feeling too jealous just hold on everything, give a pause and take a deep breath, it will help you to get rid of that jealousy. You need to constantly remind yourself that being jealous won’t lay you anything but just stress. And this thought should help you to fight with your jealousy. Handle the situation with smartness because there will be problems and issues you need to know how to handle them properly. If you can stay calm and deal with it, it is one of the best ways as to how to stop being jealous. It will be very easy for you the next time if you learn this art to control your emotions.


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3. Focus on what you have and show gratitude to others:

When you learn to appreciate others and show them gratitude no more you will feel jealous of what they have. You will feel happy by seeing their success, by seeing what they have and will get encouraged to work like them and achieve more in life. If anything that motivates you and pushes you to do better is not bad not even jealousy but when it results in giving stress and hatred it should be stopped then and there before it could hamper anything around. And when you will focus on what you have you will stop seeing what others are having, because you will be busy treasuring your own gold than putting an eye on others. If you can focus on what you are blessed with and is able to appreciate others and what they have you will be able to overcome any kind of jealousy. It is one of the best ways as to how to get rid of jealousy.


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