How To Identify Fake Friends? 5 Best Ways

How To Identify Fake Friends? 5 Best Ways

5 Best Ways To Identify Fake Friends


A relation that you choose. You spend time with them, you get to know each other and when you know that you both share similar interests or there are things that pull you towards each other you end up making a strong bond. After spending time and understanding each other better you term them as your friends. Friends mean hope, support, a belief. They hold you when you have no way to be saved. They protect you when needed. They are like those stars who will walk with you even in darkness. They make you feel safe, secure. They are the gem you never want to lose. But what if things don’t happen that way. Instead of holding you, they plan to leave you when you need them the most. Instead of feeling secure being around them you feel scared. Instead of getting positive vibes, you get negative vibes from them.


What does this mean? A feeling that, are they your friends or foe. It is common to feel that way when you see the opposite thing taking place. You may find difficult as to what are they then, a friend or a fake friend. But don’t worry, here are the 5 ways as to how to identify fake friends.


1. They pretend and lie to an extent:

They act as hypocrisy. They act differently in front of you, and differently when you are not around. They pretend to be a friend but they are actually a fake friend. And it is said that an enemy is better than a fake friend. They lie to you about others and they lie to others about you and they just lie. They pretend and lie to an extent where you feel like it is something you can’t tolerate and it is the best sign as to how to identify a fake friend out of those real friends.


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2. They gossip a lot about others:

They gossip about others and compelled to do the same. It even shows that when they can gossip about others to you, why can’t they do the same about you to others. If you can get these things very clear, it is the best way how to identify a fake friend.


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3. They want attention and reach out to you only for their benefits:

Not talk for days or no contact at all and suddenly they appeared a day when they need you. They want your attention but refuses to give you attention in return. They want help and favor from you but refuse to give you in return. It only gives friendship and you are expected not to expect anything in return. It is the best way as to how to identify fake friends.


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4. They disappear when you need them:

Have you come across a situation when you need your friend the most and at that moment they disappear like a ghost. They make excuses as to why didn’t they turn up. And this happens on a regular basis so whenever you need them they are missing. What does this symbolize? It simply means you are dealing with a fake friend.


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5. Their advice feels like vices:

They will give you advice in such a way that you face a failure. Their advice is mean and wicked intended to hamper your growth. You feel like it is not advice, it is like a wicked way to stop you from your success. If you get such kind of negative vibes, it simply means you have identified a fake friend.


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