How To Handle The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Will Never Be Yours

How To Handle The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Will Never Be Yours

The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Will Never Be Yours


“ It hurts when you have someone in your heart but not in your arms.”


Love is the most beautiful feeling one can have when you fall for someone when you like them, love them and want them in your life but what if the other person doesn’t want to accept your love, they don’t want you in their life. It wrenches your heart when you love someone so deeply who can’t be yours ever. It makes you feel worthless like you have lost the greatest fight of your life and couldn’t even make the person you love your life. It disturbs you mentally emotionally, how painful it is to feel that pain, when your dreams, your wants, your fantasy got destroyed in seconds when you came to know you have loved someone whom you can never have in your life. To overcome the pain of loving someone who will never be yours here are ways to follow it.


1. First and foremost, don’t give up on love:

When people don’t get the person they love most of the time they give up on the word love, they no more trust the word. They no more trust the people around them. They try to completely remove the word love from their life. But it is never advisable because it is just one love, it is just one person, who knows someone more deserving is on its way. You deserve to be loved and you just need to do is wait for someone who wants your love, care, affection. It is the best way of handling the pain of loving someone who will never be yours.


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2. Second, indulge yourself in doing something productive:

Don’t sit idle because of all these thoughts of not having whom you want will disturb your mindset completely, it’s better to indulge yourself in something which will channelize your emotions for something productive. It will be productive if you don’t waste your energy on thinking about things that will take away your peace.


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3. Pause all the thoughts and if possible, try erasing it one by one:

What has gone has already gone but what is on the way that is destroying you, stop it. Don’t let those thoughts continue and disturb your state being. Pause all the thoughts don’t let it head forward. If possible try removing even those which has already ruined your mind. It will take time, give it time and remove it one by one.


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4. Accept the fact that you cannot control how others feel for you:

You can control your feelings, you can shift it but not how others feel for you. You can’t do anything as such which will change their feelings because it solely depends on them. If they don’t accept your love, it’s fine they can have choices in life and it’s okay if you were not their choice, move with the fact that they are free to feel like the way you are free to feel.


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5. Express your pain with yourself if possible express it with others too:

Let your emotions flow. If you can express it to yourself, how you are feeling its better if not you can always approach someone who can listen to your feelings will advise you on that, someone trustworthy.


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6. Keep yourself motivated and encourage yourself with the thoughts that “something better is coming”:

Never get demotivated because life has planned something better for you. It may be difficult to accept it at that moment as for you the best thing is your incomplete love but as you give time to yourself, you will realize that yes, it was true that something better was coming on your way.


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If you are going this painful situation and don’t know what you have to do, just read these ways of how to overcome the pain of loving someone who will never be yours, again and again, and you will be successful in overcoming it.