5 Ways As To How To Handle A Narcissist

How To Handle A Narcissist Person?

5 Ways To Handle A Narcissist Person


In the world full of people who seek attention, praise and hold the attitude of self-importance, it is sure you will come across a few. The only thing that may matter is that a few may go to an extent and be a narcissist. Narcissists are those people who have an admiration for themselves, who are self-centered and lack empathy. They have an attitude of self-importance so high that they consider people around as inferior. They are busy with fantasies about success, power, perfection, and brilliance. It was revealed in the study of 2008 that more than 6 percent of the population suffers from a narcissist personality disorder and it is difficult to acquire the data as how many people suffer from predominantly narcissist traits. Coming across a narcissist in day to day life may be common but dealing with them may not be common or that simple. As you may have to go through a lot of bullshit while dealing with them. Let’s make your complex problem a bit simple and for that, you need to learn these 5 ways as to how to handle a narcissist.


1. Try to identify a narcissist and what type of narcissist you are dealing with:


Sometimes, one may behave in a way that you may feel that he or she is a narcissist but it may be that they are not so. They may show that they admire themselves, they are more interested in their inner self but it doesn’t define that they are a narcissist. It may be yes, they may have a few of the narcissist traits, but not a complete narcissist. And if you look carefully in one or the other way everyone admires themselves. But a narcissist lack empathy, they are selfish, self-centered. They believe they are superior, unable to recognize other’s needs. Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance. If a person holds this quality than yes, he or she is a narcissist.


And there are types of a narcissist that you need to identify, one may be a vulnerable narcissist who may be quite and reserved. While the other may be a grandiose narcissist, who think they are the superior or all. They both are a narcissist but the former is more delicate and you need to understand their vulnerability. A few even behave in a narcissistic way unintentionally and this needs to be checked and identified.


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2. Talk to them about their narcissist behavior but keeping in mind that it doesn’t hurt them:


When dealing with a vulnerable narcissist, be careful enough as they are reserved and insecure people. You can help them a bit more by talking to them about it but in a way, it doesn’t make them more vulnerable. And not only with them but even with any kind of narcissist be careful while talking to them about it, so that you don’t end up putting yourself in danger. You need to know how to communicate about it and let them know in a more appropriate way. This may help you as to how to handle a narcissist.


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3. Don’t be in illusion that you can cure it as you can only help yourself to deal with it:


You can help yourself and the narcissist to deal with it, maybe a few ways to help them to improve their behavior but can’t cure it completely. You may be in the illusion that you will be successful in curing it but no, you can’t. This illusion may only disappoint you.


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4. Control your anger or irritation and maintain a positive outlook:


It is obvious you will get annoyed, angry because no one can stand a narcissist person. It gets really difficult to handle a person who thinks the people around them as inferior, who try to suppress others and lack empathy. But you need to control your anger, you need to develop a positive outlook. Try to get in their shoes and understand the situation, try helping them to improve them. It is one of the best ways as to how to handle a narcissist.


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5. Channelized their narcissistic energy in the right direction:


The best way as to how to handle a narcissist is to channelized their narcissistic energy into something better. The greed to get attention, praise may make them very competitive in nature. You can do one thing you can make them do great things like helping others through charity, or through taking initiative for something. When it comes to gain attention and appreciation, they will head for it. So, It is how you can help a narcissist channelize their energy in the right way.


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