Natural Ways As How To Grow Long Healthy Nails

How To Grow Long Healthy Nails? Naturally

Natural Ways As How To Grow Long Healthy Nails


Everyone wishes to have long, healthy, beautiful nails that will go well with their personality but not everyone is lucky enough to have it. Some may try very hard to grow strong and healthy nails but it may not work out, you may be tired trying chemicals for it and thus, you are here to find out ways as to how to grow long healthy nails naturally. Its completely fine to have a desire for long, strong, beautiful nails and even working for it but if you are tired trying chemicals and want something safe and natural ways that will not damage your nails instead, it will help it grow. Here are natural ways as to how to make nails stronger and longer.


Few vitamins will help you to grow your nails stronger and longer.

1. Vitamin A:

If you want to strengthen your tissues, want your teeth, bones, and nails than all you need are vitamin A in your body. It also acts as an antioxidant. This ensures that damage-causing toxins are removed from your body. You can get Vitamin A from products like spinach, eggs, grapefruit, yams, milk, and apples.


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2. Vitamin H (Biotins):

Biotins are very useful for the growth of nails, skin, and hair. You can consume it in two ways either through food or as supplements. You can consume 30-40 micrograms per day to ensure healthy nails. Biotin can be found in foods like salmon, bananas, and avocado.


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3. Vitamin B9 (folic acid):

It is very essential for the growth of cells, it means it can even help for the growth of nails. It can be obtained from foods like green leaves, beets, citrus fruits, and eggs.


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Food that makes your nails stronger


1. Beans:

Consumption of beans can be very helpful for the growth of your nails, as it rich in biotin and it even helps in the thickening of nails by 25 percent as said in one of the research. So try taking in beans it will be a natural way as to how to make your nails stronger and longer.


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2. Salmon:

Salmons contains nutrients that make the nails and bones stronger. It also contains vitamin D which is important for the growth of bones.


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3. Eggs:

Egg contains vitamin D, B12, and biotin. Biotin does wonders to nails as it strengthens it and makes them less brittle so that they are not prone to breaking down easily. Eggs contain protein which is important for our body development, making the nails, bones, hair stronger.


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4. Oats:

Oats can be helpful for your nails as it contains copper and zinc that are important for the maintaining of bones and nails, adding oats to your daily meal can be very beneficial for you.


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5. Sunflower seeds:

Sunflower seeds contain minerals like copper and manganese which helps in the production of connectivity tissues in the bones and cartilage. Sunflower seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients. It is even beneficial for the growth of your nails.


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Lemon juice, coconut oil, orange juice, and olive oil are also good components for your nails. You can apply them by adding some other elements to each which will help your nails stay moisturized and strong. These are natural ways as to how to grow long healthy nails. It doesn’t need anything but just the addition of the right food in your diet will help not only your nails grow long but also it will help it to be strong.


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