how to deal with a narcissist boyfriend, how to handle a narcissist boyfriend

How To Deal With A Narcissist Boyfriend? 5 Effective Ways

How To Handle A Narcissist Boyfriend?


It’s okay to have an ego and we all are narcissistic in some or other points of time. And it is completely fine, we can admire ourselves, we can love ourselves but what if we go to an extent and become unaware of someone’s emotions, we tend to believe ourselves the best. You can have such people around and these people really make the lives of others miserable. As when a person is a narcissist to an extent they lack empathy. And if you are in a relationship with a narcissist man then it may be difficult for you to handle them because you cannot change them in a moment.

In fact, you may never be able to change them but what you can do is you can help them to improve their personality, to be a better being. Narcissist people have a mixture of over self-confidence, they are self-centered, they love to exaggerate things about themselves, emotionally manipulated and they are defensive about their flaws. It may be quite difficult to handle a narcissist boyfriend but not impossible. And here are 5 ways as to how to deal with a narcissist boyfriend, it may help you to handle them in a relationship.


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1. You can use humor to deal with or diffuse their tension:

You can help your partner to deal with their narcissist behavior by adding humor to it so that it even doesn’t affect you or the situation and things are fine between you two. Sometimes their narcissist attitude may be related to some emotional pain and if it is so you need to help them to deal with it and move ahead with it. It may be very helpful as how to deal with a narcissist boyfriend.


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2. Be mindful:

Remind yourself that they are in the phase of emotional imbalance as if it is the reason and you need to patiently help them. But if it is not the reason and he is a narcissistic altogether with no such emotional pain, you need to be mindful even about it and try to handle it in a different way.


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3. Frame things like it will be for their benefit:

If you are deeply in love with him and feel like there is no option but to live with them accepting their nature, as sometimes you fall so deeply in love with the person that even after knowing a few of their bad traits you don’t feel like moving backward then, try to make things easier for you. It can be easier if you can frame everything like it is for their benefit as a narcissist people hardly consider others as for them their benefits come first. As it can be a best way as how to deal with a narcissist boyfriend.


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4. Appreciate them, talk to them about it and get the answer whether they are ready to improve:

They are fond of appreciation, and they will love to hear people appreciating them so you can do that and later talk to them. It is necessary that you get into the root cause of their behavior and see if you can do anything about it. If you can do anything about their narcissist nature move forward to help them, if not ask them whether they are ready to bring a change in their behavior and improve themselves. If they say yes, go ahead with your plans, things will get better as it is one of the best ways as how to deal with a narcissist boyfriend.


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5. Be true to yourself and if needed, end it up:

Just be honest with yourself, as why are you with him. It is because they are trying their best to improve themselves or because you find harder to leave them. Just be honest to yourself as will you be able to spend your future with him, or you are keeping yourself in an illusion. If nothing works out and you end up losing confidence, losing self-esteem, losing yourself, its better you lose this relationship, you lose him as this lose will cost you less than losing yourself.


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