How My Physical Appearance Defines My Worth

How My Physical Appearance Defines My Worth?

My Physical Appearance


If my size, shape, and height define who am I, will my physical appearance defines my worth, if so, am I really a human or an object? Because the size, shape, and height are only measured for measuring an object and I am a living being with soul in it.


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Don’t judge me from my body, from my appearance because as a whole I am a soul, only soul. My appearance won’t make a difference in my thoughts and beliefs, my appearance should not be the reason to love me, love me for who am I and not how my body is structured. Do my physical appearance defines my worth or the person I am from within?


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Is the perfect size and shape of the body really your criterion to love someone?


Is accepting people the way they are so hard for you?


How can you decide what my body should look like?


We often get illusionist by the thought that perfect body is needed to fall in love or to be loved by someone, but trust me, it is only an illusioned, and size, the shape doesn’t matter in love.


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If you have someone in your life who insist you to eat less, do gym or demand for a perfect body ask that person whom he\she has fallen in love with, just the body or the person who you are, if so, why your body is coming in between your love? And if body then that love won’t last long as physical beauty will fade away and there will be nothing to be loved. Physical is not the parameter to love humans, it may be to love objects.


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The major milestone in relationships or loving someone is acceptance, except the way they are, don’t let them change just because you are not satisfied with their body structure. Because once you start body shaming, they will feel they have the dissatisfied body and feel shy of themselves, will feel they are not deserving at all. If you promise to hold someone’s hand hold it for the whole life and help them grow, accept the way they are, you will realize how beautiful life is and how wonderful it is to see it together with acceptance and love.


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