expectations of a girl in a relationship, expectations in a relationship

Expectations Of A Girl In A Relationship

My Expectations In A Relationship


It is common in a relationship that expectations arise even before you could think of it. Being in a relationship can fill your heart with joy and happiness along with fantasy and imagination. You may not express it but it is sure that even you have dreamt of a relationship and wants it to be like you expected. You wanted a partner with a number of qualities you wished to see on them. No matter whether they are like this or not you expect things to be like this. Here is a list of expectations of a girl in a relationship.


1. Will loves her immensely:

She wants a relationship in which her boyfriend will shower her with love and only love. It is a dream of many that your boyfriend should love you immensely, unconditionally.


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2. Will understands her and reads her silence:

It is expected by almost everyone, we get close to someone with the expectation that they will be the ones who will understand them and will even be able to hear those invoice words.


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3. Will be proud to be with her:

She basically has that fantasy that her boyfriend will not only be happy but will be proud to have her in his life. And it is obvious that it is an expectation which you want to be a reality in any way.


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4. Will bring chocolates and gifts for her:

Ask her, don’t she expects all these? The answer will be yes. Expectations of a girl in a relationship happen to be a bit high sometimes and they expect flowers, gifts, chocolates on her desk. Who knows how many of your expectations ha


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5. Will appreciate her:

Even when she cooks something that you didn’t like she expects you to appreciate her efforts. She wants you to appreciate her in every phase of her life, in every achievement she makes in her life.


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6. Will respect her and support her in every phase of her life:

Everyone deserves to be respected and expecting it is common. She has an expectation that she will find a partner who will be her support system throughout her life.


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7. Will make her laugh:

Though it may be hard because not everyone carries that sense of humor but every girl expects that her boyfriend should fill her day with laughter and make her smile every moment, which in many cases happens to be just expectations.


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8. Will be able to communicate well:

No matter how introverted a person is if you are in a relationship with someone you are expected to open up and there is no harm in these expectations. So be prepared to be a good communicator with your love as it is an expectation in a relationship.


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9. Will listen to her patiently:

It hardly happens because not everyone holds that patience level but expectations can be anything so even this is an expectation of a girl in a relationship.


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10. Will give her time:

Actually, it means your time along with attention. And it is obvious that time is what makes a relationship healthy and it’s fine to expect it.


These are a few of the expectations in a relationship that everyone has and wish to be fulfilled.


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