Dont worry girls beacuse everything happens for a good reason

Don’t Worry Girls Because Everything Happens For A Good Reason


Break up the most difficult phase of girl’s life! I still remember when I had my first break up. It made me feel so pathetic and hopeless that I had lost hope from my life. I even thought of suicide but my instinct always stopped me from doing so. It was the darkest chapter of life as nobody seems trustworthy. It had been nearly 2 months I had stopped talking with people.


There were different types of thoughts that were popping in my head – “Can I live without a boyfriend?” “ShalI I seek to revenge?” “Is there someone who can really understand me?” “God has even created him or not?” or “I will always be in a depression”


Finally, I thought of the revenge. Just for the sake of revenge, I started dating many guys at the same time but it didn’t make me feel happy. I even got addicted to smoke and alcohol. Sometimes I think about my past then I really feel bad and question myself, Why I indulge in such bad things. So, Nothing turned my pain into happiness.


In the end, I met a guy in the college, I talked with him and he really motivated and inspired me. I genuinely felt positive vibes from this guy. He was a guy from his age but a man from his thoughts. I can say him “He was a man whose thoughts were different from ordinary man”.


Soon I fell in love with his every word. Within a month we fell in love with each other. I think that was the right decision of my life. He always motivated to follow my dreams and he even supported me to achieve my dreams. He always tells me “every woman has the right to follow her dreams, so I will never stop you to follow your dreams or be an obstacle in the path of your success but instead I will always support you”. It was his support and love due to which I am successful today and I can proudly say I’m a professional blogger, writer and designer. And today I’m writing this blog for you.


Not every girl is lucky like me to find a soulmate at the right time. But find your motivation by yourself, It’s not that we can’t live without a boyfriend but actually we can live the happiest life without them. We need to walk alone and follow our dreams, motivate ourselves, be determined towards your goal.


We are humans and we make mistakes and if your guy leaves you, it’s not the end actually it’s the new beginning. So, don’t feel regret about your past but learn from your past mistakes and move on. So, get up, dress up, make a plan and follow your dreams. More than having a boyfriend there are lot more things in life that you can achieve. Be positive and think “Don’t worry girl because everything happens for a good reason.”