Difference Between Love And Attachment In A Relationship

Difference Between Love And Attachment In A Relationship

How to figure out what does love stands for and what attachment really means in a relationship? Love and attachment are mostly misinterpreted as one and the same thing, but they totally stand differently. The difference will let you know whether you are in love with your partner or it is just an attachment that is holding you to be in a relationship.

1. Love can be defined as freedom whereas attachment as imprisonment:

Love will set you free, unlike attachment which will bind you, restrict you. Being in love will make you feel free whereas attachment will make you feel a burden. If you are in love your relationship will feel like the best thing ever happened to you, the most beautiful thing ever but if you are attached to your partner and it is the reason behind you are in a relationship you will feel like imprisoned, you will find difficult to take a peaceful breath.

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2. One helps you to grow and the other restricts your growth:

Love will help both of you to grow, you will love to encourage your partner, help them grow and grow along with them but attachment won’t allow you to grow because your fear to be away from your partner will restrict the growth of you both.

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3. Love is eternal whereas attachment is temporary:

Love remains even when the body doesn’t but the attachment is solely dependent on physical presence. The absence of physical being will ruin the relationship. Whereas love is never dependent on the other person, it is dependent on you because you love without getting attached.

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4. one is selfless and the other is selfish:

Love will not make you think about yourself or what will happen to you once your relationship comes to an end, but the attachment will, it will make you think this. You will love without expecting when you are in love with the person but expectation arises when you are attached to a person. These differentiate love with attachment.

The difference between attachment and love shows you where you and your partner stand in a relationship. It is easy to be attached but difficult to get detached whereas it is hard to love someone but easy to let them go because you are in love and not just attached. Love without attachment and once you are attached you are not in love.

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