Daily Mistakes You Don't Know You Were Making That Is Ruining Your Hair

6 Daily Mistakes You Don’t Know You Were Making That Is Ruining Your Hair

Hair care, we always in the process of having a silky, shiny and smooth hair but in this process we often forget to take care of our hair and use such beauty products which actually result in damaged hair. We constantly doing negligence to our hair which results to hair loss such as drying our hair with the wrong towel or washing hair with hot water… there are lot more hair care mistakes that we usually do unknowingly. So, check out these 6 daily mistakes you don’t know you were making that is ruining your hair.


1. Washing hair with hot water

Well, washing our hair with hot shower will give us comfort, but practicing this method every day will damage the hair. The result of washing your hair with hot water is far worse than you could imagine. If you are getting more curious about what is the outcome of washing your hair with hot water? Well, this will strip off all the natural oils and nutrients of your hair. After shampooing and conditioning your hair make sure to wash off your hair with cold water, as this will help you in having a shiny and frizz free hair.


2. Picking the wrong towel to dry your hair

We cannot deny the fact that we often use the same towel to dry our hair and bodies, and another worse thing we do with our hair is that we often tug our hair with towels and keep it for an hour or we even scrub our hair messily with our towel soon after shampooing so that it pulls all the water out. You are practicing all these methods then you need to stop them as quickly as possible because the outcome of this methods are not good as it decreases the quality your hair. Rather than using the normal terry cloth towel, you can use a microfiber towel as this is mainly made for drying the moist hair.


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3. Over-usage of dry shampoo

We cannot deny the fact that dry shampoo is only the hair product which is mostly used. It’s really great because it helps us in reviving our hair without putting much effort or just within a few minutes, extreme use of dry shampoo can damage your hair. Overuse of dry shampoos can result in clogging pores on the scalp as well as stripping off all the essential nutrients of the hair.


4. Worse brushing method

Worse brushing method can result in hair damage in the worst way. We girls often force so hard to remove knots and tangles from our hair, processing in damaging our hair. So, it’s good to know the good way of brushing your hair such as before brushing our hair we should initially cautiously make two part of our hair and softly hold the upper part of one section of our hair so that it helps in removing knots and tangles of our hair easily. You should follow the same process for the other side too.


5. Selecting the wrong pillowcase to sleep on

The kind of pillowcase we sleep on can have a high influence on our hair. You must be thinking how a type pillowcase we sleep on can have bad effects in our hair? While we sleep, we often move around restlessly. Instead of sleeping on normal cotton pillowcase which causes enough cranky and frizzy hair, we must use a silk pillowcase to sleep on because it’s so fluffy and downy and will help you to have a frizz-free, silky and smooth hair.


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6. Tying hair so tightly

We women mostly tie our hair into a bun for long hours when we go out for our work. Listen Ladies, you must know this, regularly putting your hair into a bun will result in massive hair fall. This type of hairstyle will result in lots of damage on your hair and even the possibility of having feeble hair.