overcoming heart break

Best Ways for Overcoming Any Heartbreak

Overcoming Your Heartbreak


Life is about moving on and this is where we are open to better options in life. If we are stuck, how can we grow? If a relationship didn’t work it doesn’t mean life has stopped, it means you are open to better options. Life is like a movie where you will sense different emotions and every emotion is equally important. You will feel happy for a moment and sad the other moment and it’s natural. Relationships go through all this sometimes, sometimes situations turn as such that you may end up breaking your relation, it may hurt you, give you pain but after all its life and we need to move. If you cannot find your first love like the love of your life, it probably means that you have gone through the pain of heartbreak or even you have gone through the following situations.


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Someone has played the game of love and have fake their love for you, now you feel like cheated on or you have really cheated on by your partner and feeling hurt about it.

You have lost the love you were always scared to lose and went through heartbreaking situations, now you are feeling scared and is afraid to trust anyone anymore.

You just broke up and finding ways to overcome your heartbreak.

You are in a relationship but feels like it is not working and you are feeling lonely.

You made your mind and thought you have overcome your heartbreak but it really didn’t.


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Heartbreak is completely okay, and do you know why?


Because it has given you a reason to move, to shine through the pieces your heart was broken. Let that pain be your strength, you are not broken. You have been made open to options, all these cracks have to widen your heart. Though we know it hurts but this broken pieces will help you to feel deep and hard. It will help you to create an intense connection with yourself and others that could not happen before. If you can bear the pain of heartbreak means you are strong, you have a strong, caring heart that can go through anything in life. It is not a pain that only you have gone through but most of us had gone and is going through it. And this has made us connect with each other more.


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Following are the ways for overcoming heartbreak


1. Forget and forgive:

Nothing can hurt you more than your own thoughts, and forgiving can be the best way to forget your love, for overcoming heartbreak. It’s not about the one who is the reason behind your pain but it is for you, you need to forget and let it go so that it doesn’t take your thoughts and consume your valuable time and mind. Forget what didn’t work, why hurt yourself for something you are not responsible for, just forgive everyone and forget everything in order to walk ahead in life. Don’t let that hurt or anger destroy you. If something didn’t work or didn’t stay with you it simply means it was not meant for you, don’t have to worry about it, just walk forward.


2. Give time to yourself:

Heartbreak is not a matter of joke when you were in deep relationship and just getting over may not happen, after all, you feel that absence in life. Don’t force yourself to get over it as it will take a lot of time and energy, be kind to yourself and give time. The process may be slow but it will heal you with time.


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3. Shed tears if it is what gives you relief:

Crying doesn’t mean you are weak it means you are strong enough to let go of everything in terms of tears. You can cry out loud so that you can let all the grief come out through you, you are not crying for others but for yourself to let go past and move for the future with a beautiful present. It is essential for overcoming heartbreak and will free you from all the pain you are going through.


4. Burst your feelings:

There may be a lot of feelings inside you and you may not be able to express it, and it may suppress you more. Anger, grief, anxiety, it may bind you, don’t let it bind you, instead let it flow. Shout out loudly, hit a punching bag, just let your feelings be out, burst it out.


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5. Don’t lie or keep yourself in illusion:

If you feel that things can be okay and you can get back to your partner, head-on. If you are lying to yourself about your feelings than you may be stuck. Just do what your feelings tell you and not what others or your false belief tell you. Be honest to yourself and your feelings, things may be okay.


6. Live your life once again:

Be the old you, that you were missing. Learn to live in the moment and enjoy it. Get back to your zone when you were in a happy mood, do what you love. Remember heartbreak is not an end, it’s a lesson that has made you strong and mature enough to handle life and relationships. It’s the beginning of something better. Strive for it, go for it. Smile, get back to your toes once again. Go, get a good life once again.


These are the best ways for overcoming heartbreak, follow it you will feel that change.


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