5 Reasons Why You Should Be Friends Before Lovers

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Friends Before Lovers

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Friends Before Lovers


A relationship is one of the milestones that a person steps in to understand the other person and plan for the future, dreams for a bright future. It is something that decides how your love life will be, and when your love life comes in you need to be cautious and take time to understand what relationship means and what you want from a relationship. And you need to understand, you need to know your partner before going deep into your relationship and for that you need to be friends before becoming lovers, it will give you the insight to know your partner better. Here are the reasons why you need to take time in a relationship and be friends before lovers.


1. It will help you to understand each other:

The first benefit of being friends before becoming lovers is that you both will have a deep understanding of each other and will be able to even understand silence which if you are lovers directly may not be possible because you need to spend time together as a friend to understand your friend better.


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2. There will be a common interest between you both:

It is obvious that when you spend a lot of time together you both develop some common interest maybe because visiting a commonplace frequently and becoming familiar with it. It will help you to agree on something easily when you have common interests. It is the reason you should be friends before lovers, it builds that mutual understanding, a mutual interest that helps your relationship to grow more healthy.


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3. You will know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses:

The best time to understand a person is when you are friends, neither you can hide something from them nor they can. They are open to you and share everything with you which they may not even share with their partners and this is the time to understand their strengths and weaknesses. It will help you both to maintain a balance because you both know where your strength and weakness lie on and it will make your bond stronger.


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4. Builds trust and helps in better communication:

No one can understand you better than a friend but if you find a friend in a lover how lucky you are because you already have that trust between you both and you are free to communicate everything with your partner.


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5. You have lots of memories to cherish and look back:

You can always turn your pages and cherish those memories you had. It helps you to spend more time together and gives you numerous topics to talk on. It gives you a reason to look back and bring back those smiles once again. And that’s the reason you should be friends before lovers, to store lots of memories before getting into a relationship.


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