7 Things Every Girl Should Know

7 Things Every Girl Should Know

We girls often hold ourselves back and forget to listen to our hearts. Often got troubled, tangled in negative thoughts, feel very ashamed of ownself, sacred about life and full of sadness surrounds us. No more worries girls Woman’s Ability is here, scroll down and read the points about “7 Things Every Girl Should Know” and let down all your troubles forever.


1. Be proud of your smile & laugh

Some of us have crooked teeth, some of us have no teeth at all. Some of us laugh like machine guns, while others scream uproariously in a way which makes onlookers stare & gape. But that’s just how you are, & it’s rad! Being happy is wonderful & it would be such a shame not to share that with the world because you’re embarrassed or shy. Just let it go. Smile more. You’ll feel better, and so will everyone around you.


2. Learn to say “NO”

A lot of us are taught to spare other people’s feelings, and in no other way is this more evident than when someone asks us to do something we don’t want to do. Often we will allow ourselves to go along with it just to avoid an awkward situation or to save the other person from feeling uncomfortable. In the process, we make martyrs of ourselves & chip away at our own self-esteem. It’s important to learn to say NO when people ask us to do things which are not in our best interests. It will free you from unnecessary burdens, prove how much strength you really have, & make you feel really good about yourself.


3. Live by yourself

Living by yourself is the ultimate dream of most teenagers, & it’s a truly wonderful day when that all comes to fruition. No one to tell you to turn down your music, to do your dishes, to pick your towel up off the floor… Bliss. No roommates to be considerate of & no closet space needing to be shared — you can spread your cosmetics out everywhere, put your shoes wherever you like. It is the most delightful thing ever!


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4. Understand how fortunate you really are

Appreciate your life. Life is full of beauty & blessings, & it’s really easy to get sucked down into a hole of misery. If you suspect (or have been told) that you complain a lot, start doing Things that you Love or keep a gratitude list, or just smile more often! You don’t have to be all unicorn vomit all the time, but training yourself to see the silver lining in a vicious storm cloud is a fantastic skill.


5. Forgive your parents for whatever they did wrong

No one is perfect, & your parents aren’t exempt from that rule. Everyone thinks their parents did a crappy job in one area or another, & some of us are still mad at them for things which happened when we were 5, 10 or 15 years old. The thing is that our parents could only do the best they could with the information they had — which in most cases, was how their parents treated them. Being angry at them for not being Mother or Father Of The Year is a waste of energy & will impact on everything else in your life. Decide to forgive them, & then do whatever it takes to make that happen.


6. Become a better public speaker

Just like with driving, being a good public speaker is a fantastic skill to have under your belt. What if your best friend gets married, or you’re asked to make an important presentation at work? Knowing how to project your voice, look at the audience & stand still makes all the difference, & will stop you from looking terrified (even if you are)!


7. Learn to drive

Last but not the least – You don’t need to be incredible at driving, just take a couple of lessons, having the driving skill is more essential. You never know what kind of situation you might end up in where you NEED the knowledge how to drive – like if you’re in an emergency & need to get out of there, or your friend needs to go to the hospital urgently.


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