7 Signs Of Emotional Neglect In Marriage

7 Signs Of Emotional Neglect In Marriage

Signs Of Emotional Neglect In Your Marriage


Emotional neglect in marriage is not visible like abuses that take place but the way abuses are harmful to your marriage life so, emotional neglect too. But signs of emotional neglect in marriage can be felt rather than can be visualized. It usually happens when a person has grown as a victim of childhood emotional neglect or when he/she grew up being unaware of his/her emotions as well as the emotions of others. Emotions are something that binds a relationship and makes the bond stronger. If you don’t identify the signs of emotional neglect in a marriage it won’t be late when your marriage will come in danger and no longer you may share those bonds. You need to identify and work on it before it is too late. Here are 7 emotional neglect symptoms in a marriage that you need to identify and work on.



1. Your words are unheard by your husband/wife, your conversations were ignored:

When you are telling an incident that you are emotionally connected to or you are sharing stories your spouse tends to show that he/she is not interested in hearing from you. It may happen that you are busy narrating your story but they are busy doing their own works without lending their ears to you. It creates a feeling that you are less important to them. It even may happen as when you are saying something and your partner walks away from the mid-way conversation, it is one of the signs of emotional neglect in marriage.


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2. You always have a fight and conversation with no meaning:

When you sit to discuss something but it happens to be a fight, it means you both are not ready to understand each other. Lack of understanding creates differences in your marriage life and it happens to be toxic. When even after having a long conversation your conversation ends with no meaning it somewhere reflects you both don’t understand each other’s feelings, situation. It means you both are neglecting each other in one or the other way.


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3. You suppressed your feelings in front of your spouse:

When you tried expressing it, sharing it, it was unheard, undervalued and not respected so, now you have started suppressing it. When you suppress your feelings and are scared to express it, it has crossed a step of emotional negligence in your marriage life and you need to take a step to overcome it.


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4. You both fail to understand each other’s need and wants:

When you both are disconnected emotionally than how you will be aware of each other needs. The more you neglect your spouse’s emotional needs, you will realize you are even unaware of their other needs and wants. The moment you start knowing that you don’t know or don’t understand each other’s needs and wants, the moment it is a symptom of emotional neglect in marriage.


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5. You both are compelled to depend on yourself for your emotional needs:

Marriage means support, your companion is there to support you in every phase of your life and it is fine to be dependent on them for your emotional needs. But when you are compelled to be dependent on yourself for it and not to search for shoulder around it means there is negligence and things have gone wrong somewhere.


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6. Your spouse gets annoyed and gives you silent treatment:

Annoyance happens in any kind of relationship when you are together ups and downs follow. But when your spouse gets annoyed even in little things like when you want to have a conversation or when you need them for something, it means it is one of the signs of emotional neglect in marriage. And especially when your wife/husband gives you the silent treatment and refuses to talk to you it is not only a sign of emotional abuse but also a sign of emotional neglect.


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7. You feel lonely and alone:

Even after being having a companion who is under the same roof, the same bedroom, you feel lonely and alone, it means there is no emotional connect, no emotional support. You feel lonely when you are either alone or when you are ignored and ignorance hurts more than being alone.


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