7 Ways To Catch A Liar On A Date

7 Easy Ways To Catch A Liar On A Date

How wonderful it will be if the world would have been free from liars? But unfortunately, we live in a world where lies are spoken on a daily basis and with that confidence that one may not accept lie as a lie. Especially, when you are planning to go for a date, you may be very suspicious about anyone and everyone, because lie owns our mind more than truth does and it makes us doubtful about every person that we come across. But it is just common sense to keep our eyes open. You don’t have to bother much about with whom you are dealing and how, whether the person is fake or real. Whether the person is telling a truth or a lie. You will be able to find that out, all you have to do is to follow these 7 ways to catch a liar on a date, you will be able to catch a liar easily.


1. Stay alert and attentive:

It is obvious that on your first date you will be nervous, conscious about your own self that paying attention to what the other is saying or doing maybe difficult but you need to stay alert and pay attention to what your date mate is saying. In order to catch a liar all you need to do is to watch them carefully and pay attention to each and every sentence they say.


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2. Keep eye contact:

It is said that liars always hesitate to make eye contact as eyes speak a lot for the person, whether the other person is lying or hiding something. Always stick to their eyes as it may end up giving you a lot of information about the other person.


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3. Non- verbal reactions and body language have a lot to tell you about them:

Your body language, your gestures talk a lot about you. If someone is lying to you, you will see them behaving in a different way, their words may hide the truth, it may tell a lie but their body language may help you to identify that lie. It is one of the best ways to catch a liar.


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4. Beware of facts and focused on details as you might miss it:

When you are having a conversation focused on each word and keep noticing whether they may change it in the next conversation about the same topic or they may hide something about it. It is very important to note what they are saying if you want to catch a liar on your date.


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5. Ask some unexpected questions:

They may be prepared to answer some of the expected questions and may make the speech accordingly, adding up things just to beautify the conversation whether they mean it or not but unexpected questions may help you to reveal their real colors. Keep on asking unexpected questions and wait and watch what and how they reply. It will be one of the best ways to catch a liar on your first date.


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5. Listen carefully to their speech patterns:

If they repeat one thing again and again and put emphasis on certain things check out their speech as they may want you to pay attention to it. Even if they are lying they want you to believe it and that’s the reason they are trying their best to highlight those phrases. If you want to catch a liar, follow their speech pattern properly.


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6. Trust your instincts:

Your instincts may never lie to you. If you can sense any negativity, it means something is wrong about it. You need to trust your inner self. It is the best way one can find out or distinguish between right and wrong. Your instincts will always help you to identify both the right and the wrong thing.


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