7 Causes For Sudden Hair Loss

7 Causes For Sudden Hair Loss That You Should Know

Sudden hair loss always proves to be a traumatized moment, when you really don’t know what went wrong with your hair. Hair loss, a factor that is hitting the majority these days which people are concerned about. People love their hair more than anything and that’s the reason they try finding out the causes for sudden hair loss. Are you suffering from hair loss and are curious to know the causes of hair fall?


Go through these reasons if you want to know the 7 causes for sudden hair loss.


1. Stress:

Stress can be of any type be it physical stress or mental stress, the chance of sudden hair loss is huge. Going through some physical trauma like surgery, accident or severe illness can result in sudden hair fall. Physical stress can give a shock to the hair cycle resulting in its fall.


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2. Lack of protein, vitamin:

Insufficient intake of protein and vitamins can be the reason for hair fall, especially a deficiency of vitamin B can be the cause of hair loss.


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3. Heredity:

If you have a hereditary problem of hair loss you are prone to have hair loss at a young age. You may not be able to identify what went wrong with your hair that it is having a hair loss if there is no deficiency in your diet or no lacking in your health in any way, your heredity can be a reason to face hair loss.


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4. Sudden weight loss:

Dramatic weight loss which suddenly affects your body resulting in a shock for your hair may result in hair loss. It even makes your hair thin which gets damage and results in falling down.


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5. Over styling:

Usage of different hair oil or hairstyle gels containing chemicals can be the cause of sudden hair loss. It gets into the hair roots making it weak and resulting in its sudden loss.


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6. Chemotherapy:

Certain medications, unfortunately, the usage of drugs to beat back cancer can also be a cause of sudden hair loss.


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7. Change in hormones:

The change in hormones at a certain age can also be the causes of sudden hair loss.


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