7 Ways To Overcome Your Fear

7 Best Ways To Overcome Your Fear

If you want to overcome your fears then you must surpass them. So, here are 7 best ways to overcome your fear.


1. Recognise your fear

In order to overcome your fear, you must initially know and recognise the thing/situation you are afraid of. In your head you must portray the situation and ask yourself, what will you do in that specific situation? What will be the solution to overcome it?



2. Get curious

The best way to overcome your fear is to investigate your fears. Be an observer of what is going on. Get curious about what are you afraid of, and at what spot do you detect the fear? And how will you respond to it?


3. Communicate

Instead of communicating our negative thoughts with others we often hold it inside. As we are scared of how others might react, or sometimes it might be due to some other reason. It’s better to communicate such thought, but without being emotional.


4. Read books

Reading books about the fears you are facing can free you from it. Always read lots of inspirational and motivational books and about the fear you are dealing right now.


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5. Take Actions

When you take action and face your fears, they become weaker, because you realize that reality isn’t nearly as bad as your imagination.


6. Watch movies

Sometimes it’s good to watch movies and distract yourself from your fears. If you actually want to free yourself from your fears then there are many movies on the fear you are facing right now.


7. Tell your story

We often tell the story of our fears to ourselves. I often tell my story in my head, why people don’t like me and why they always laugh at me. Am I that ugly or do I deserve to be loved? So, what’s your story?


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