5 Ways As How To Be A Great Listener In Relationship

5 Ways As How To Be A Great Listener In A Relationship

Ways As How To Be A Great Listener In Relationship


With closeness, with intimacy the need to understand each other increases more in a relationship. It is quite often that this closeness sometimes leads you to face ups and downs in your relationship. There may be times when misunderstanding may take birth but it doesn’t mean you will not work for it. Most of the time misunderstanding rises because you listen to react and not to properly understand as what the matter is. No doubt, not every human will share an equal amount of patience, not everyone will wish to listen to their partner patiently, but if you love someone you need to develop a few good habits that will make your relationship better. Here are 5 ways as to how to be a great listener in a relationship.


1. Let them speak and don’t interrupt in between, give them complete attention:

The first thing as to how to be a great listener is to give them a chance without any interruption. Let them speak their heart out and try to pay complete attention to what they are saying. Put away all the distracting things from you, don’t fiddle with your phone when they are saying something, in fact, pay full attention to their words. This is how to be a great listener, you will realize that it really works in a relationship.


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2. Make a note of what they are saying and try to understand them:

There should be a mutual understanding between you two, you should note each and every word your partner is saying. Remember that listening to their words carefully will help you to understand their needs better and try to understand in what sense they are putting forward their speech.


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3. Be aware and mindful of love and respect:

There will be tough times or such situation may come when you feel like losing your mind and bursting out on your partner but no, you need to remind yourself about the good side of your partner, how you spend good time with them. You should be aware of the fact that yes, you respect them and this fight can’t be greater than your love. These thoughts will help you as to how to be a better listener and maintain your love life properly.


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4. Listen with empathy and hold on yourself:

Don’t sympathize but try to listen with empathy. Put yourself in their place and try to understand their point of view, it will help you know what your partner is going through and will give you a clear picture of things.


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5. Complete your conversation and check on your temper:

Never leave your conversation in between because it may create a lot of misunderstandings. Always complete what you were saying or let the conversation ends before you leave. And do check on your temper, don’t lose it because it is understood that you cannot be patience always but you need to learn it and if you want to be a good listener you need to control your temper.


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