5 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusive In Relationship

5 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusive In Relationship

5 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusive


Any kind of stress may be bearable at times but when it comes to emotional stress it is almost impossible to tolerate as it kills you in silence, it kills you without scars, wounds, it slowly destroys you from within which no one can see. What if it is your partner who is emotionally abusing you, who is giving you emotional stress? It seems scary and painful but there are partners who emotionally abuse without even realizing what consequences it will have on the other person. It may be difficult to point out your partner’s behavior especially when you love them unconditionally, and you may deny it in the first instant but what about if such things take place continuously. You should not overlook it and you need to take a stand for yourself. 5 signs your partner is emotionally abusive in relationship and you have to look into it before it gets too late.


1. They make you feel stupid and worthless:

Questions judging your intelligence and your ability to do things can have an effect on you. Their act to be superior in front of others by proving you a stupid show that they are emotionally abusing you as slowly you will lose on your self-confidence and the feeling of worthless will eat you up.


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2. Your partner tends to make you feel like a failure:

No matter whose fault it may be your partner always blames you for the situation even when it is their fault they spin everything and blames you for their behavior. The way they talk to you about things just to make you feel like you are not successful in whatever you do can have a very negative impact on you and it is one of the signs your partner is emotionally abusive in a relationship.


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3. They tend to isolate you from the world and make you feel lonely:

An emotionally abusive individual wants their partner only for themselves. If your partner asks you not to connect with the outside world and not to spend time with your friends and family and be with them only it is one of the signs your partner is emotionally abusive in a relationship and you need to make them understand he/she doesn’t own you and you have life outside your relationship too.


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4. They are always moody towards you and compels you to tolerate their mood in all aspect:

Everyone can have mood swings no doubt but hold on and have a look on your partner as their mood has swings when you are around them and it is quite often. A partner who wishes to torture their partner emotionally always behave in such a way that you cannot focus on anything just because you became the victim of their bad mood. It almost makes impossible for the other person to predict their moods. And it is a sign that your relationship will end up suffocating you soon if you don’t take steps for it.


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5. They want all the attention and wish you to focus only on them:

As said an emotionally abusive individual wants all the attention of their partner. This is a sign of having a suffocating relationship where you are not allowed to divert your attention anywhere but only to them. They want you to focus only on them no matter whether you have other priorities.


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