5 Signs You Grew Up With Childhood Emotional Neglect

5 Signs You Grew Up With Childhood Emotional Neglect

Signs You Grew Up With Childhood Emotional Neglect


Childhood emotional neglect means when you and your emotions have been neglected as a child. It happens when parents fail to respond to a child’s emotional needs. When you raised up in a family where you are asked to hide your feelings or suppressed it, you tend to grow up as a person who fails to express. It is an invisible threat to a child’s emotional growth. It doesn’t happen when something is imposed on a child but it happens when parents fail to take a step to know the child’s emotional needs.

Did you grow up with suppressed emotions? When you are asked not to express your feelings or emotions when your voices are unheard these are some of the things that you can be termed as childhood emotional neglect.


1. You fail to express, identify and manage your emotions:

It is a kind of invisible emotional threat. It acts like a restriction that prevents you from expressing what you feel and how. When you find difficult to express yourself it means you have gone through childhood emotional neglect. You find difficult to identify and manage your feelings, your emotions.


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2. You feel empty:

Even after being surrounded by people you feel empty from within. There is a feeling of emptiness. You feel like emotionless at times. This emptiness kills you from within.


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3. There is a fear in you of being dependent:

Since you were not allowed to be dependent on your family members for emotional support you get scared to be dependent on anyone for emotional support. This somewhere makes you unaware of your own as well as other emotions.


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4. You are harder on yourself:

You tend to become emotionless. You are hard on yourself. You suppress your feelings and hurt yourself with suppressed feelings.


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5. You face guilt, anger, shame and blame yourself for everything:

You regret after doing anything. You face guilt, even after taking a decision you are suspicious about it. You feel ashamed, this lowers your confidence. You blame yourself for every kind of situation you get into. When you were not allowed to express yourself, you start facing problems.


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