how to become a better friend

4 Most Impact Tips On How To Become A Better Friend

Not everyone holds a charming attitude to make friends and probably not everyone knows how to become a better friend but there is always a chance for improvement when it comes to friends. You learn, you come across different types of people and you acquire lots of experience, this is what helps you to improve slowly as you go on making friends and it gives you a way to be better every single day. It is common to have arguments, common to have conflicts, why not? When you get close to someone and start having that bond automatically sometimes in the course of correcting something or protecting them from something you end up having conflicts, the reason may be different as well, but everything is just fine until it crosses a limit and you end up losing each other.


You may not be able to be a good friend to them or you may develop these feelings that you are not that suitable for them just your ideology doesn’t match with them but it is not like this, all you need is to give time to it and understand where things went wrong. For more help here are ways as on how to become better friends with someone.


1. First and foremost tip, don’t judge:

Don’t be too quick to judge anyone or any kind of situation as it is the way to distance them, it is the way your friends will start running away from you just to save themselves from your judgments. Instead of judging them try to empathize and look into the situation by stepping in their shoes. Even if something has happened between you and your friends try to understand their perspective first, and then slowly move with other things. This will help you as to how to become a better friend.


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2. Maintain balance in your friendship:

Friendship is a two-way process and imbalance in your friendship may result in bad way, instead, you should do your own part. You should make this balance. There should be a give and take process, there should be a balance in your friendship.


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3. Express your appreciation for them:

Never shy off or run away to thank your friends and appreciate them for all their gesture. It is one of the best tips on how to become a good friend. Acknowledge each and everything then and there, it will give a boost to your friendship.


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4. Turn up:

Try to be present whenever your friends are in need. Even in their single need try to reach out to them. Be present in all their ups and downs, be it good news or a bad reach out to them and let them know that you care about them.


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