things every woman should do alone at least once in her lifetime

10 Things Every Woman Should Do Alone At Least Once In Her Lifetime

Things Every Woman Should Do Alone At Least Once In Her Lifetime


Women are always bounded with responsibilities more than a man, though we say we have equal responsibilities but we know a woman is a multitasker and is expected to do multitasking. And in this busy schedule why not try something you have never.



1. Take a step to the kitchen once:

Experiment dropping a plate in the kitchen or breaking a glass, even cooking half cooked or full burnt dishes could be interesting. Though it is not a systematic way to do things, but trust me if you are running away from the kitchen, at least once in your life time try entering and experimenting with everything in the kitchen alone, it will give not only give you happiness but will fill you with joy.


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2. Travel all alone:

How is the idea to carry a backpack and walking out all alone to explore new places. Wouldn’t it be scary as well as adventures. Only you and your thoughts will follow you, leaving every sort of tension and worries aside you are out to see something new. Try it all alone you will enjoy it.



3. Take a break:

Thought about giving yourself a break from whatever is happening around you and to you. Yes, it is something you have to do it alone. Break in the sense leave everything aside, take a leave and do whatever you like at that point and see what you were waiting for.


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4. Spend a day with yourself:

Spending a whole day talking to yourself, introspecting your strength, weaknesses. How about this Idea? Don’t you think not only once in your life but you should do it from time to time. It will help to identify who you are. Try it, you will love it.



5. Experiment with your hair:

Try new funky hairstyles no matter what, you can play with your haircuts, it will not only change your looks but also your way of lifestyle. When life seems to bore you, entertained it by your looks.


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6. Block all your male friends in your friend list at least once:

Play with their ego and see how they react. At least once in the period of using social media try it once and just see the fun.



7. Treat yourself:

How about cooking a number of dishes for yourself and treating yourself in the dinner table. A glass of wine and end number of your favorite dishes. Wow excellent, hungry?
Every woman should at least try this out once in your lifetime.


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8. Shopping, shopping and shopping:

How about making a huge bill on shopping and buying lots and lots of things for yourself? Why don’t you spend a good amount of money on buying your favourite dress, shoes, cosmetics or so on. Every woman does this almost every week or month, but what about doing excessive shopping in a day from your earning, all alone. Even imagining it may bring stars in your eyes. Every woman should at least try it once in your life.



9. Eating the whole day:

Diet, gym, slim body? Skipping everything why not try eating the whole day, eating all alone, at least once in your life. Eating each and everything that you always wanted to, but was skipping and ignoring taking into account of your slim body. Give satisfaction to your stomach once in your lifetime.


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10. Fight your biggest fear:

Yes, being human we always run away from our fear but have you ever thought of how it would be to fight it all alone. Have height phobia, try jumping from a top floor wearing safety measures and see how relief you get after trying it. At least once in life, a woman should try to fight with her fear it will really give you relief.