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10 Amazing Facts Of August Born People

1. August born people are very private folks

Folks born in August literally value their alone time. They are very private individuals and they even feel awkward when someone stares at them. Though August born folks are very social and can easily communicate with others, they too need some alone time where they can deal with their emotions by their own self.


2. They are mostly in a crazy mood

People born in August are craziest to the point. When they are feeling down, they don’t talk a word but when they are high, they are those people who can’t stop talking, almost excited about everything. They are worried about almost everything but they just don’t share their feelings with anyone. In order to know their secret thoughts and feeling you need to read their face, as their face express everything.


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3. They don’t make many friends

As I have already mentioned that August born people are extremely private and self-sufficient individuals, so that’s the main reason why they don’t make many friends. They usually take much time to express their feelings to others and that is why they end up making a few friends. If you want to be their friends than you have to pass a series of test, as they smart enough to choose their friends. Once they are with you then they will be with you till the end.



4. August born people are perfectionists

They are very concerned about the surroundings they live in, So not even a single thing should not be misplaced. If they find their books mobile charger is not in the same place as it used to be then they really get annoyed and start fixing things to keep it in order. They are not the ones who are really concern about hygiene but they if they find their messy environment getting messy or things are not at its original place then they really get violent.


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5. August born people are very boring when it comes to people

It’s very hard to entertain these folks. They really find very hard in remembering people’s name especially at times when they find someone dull and boring. But if they find someone bright and interesting then they will never mind concentrating on them completely.



6. Anger comes to them easily

August born people are very impatient individuals and they really get angry at stupid people. They get angry when people don’t know the things that are obvious to them and start asking them all sort of questions that are witless for them. In short, they get angry at things that are not under people’s control.


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7. August born people can save money in their own way

These folks really don’t like wasting money. They are very self-reliant people, who really values self-respect, and that is why they don’t ask money from anyone. Their self-reliant nature often makes them good financial adviser or finance manager. People often rely on them in the matter of finance.



8. They can express better in writing than face to face

You may often find August born people being phenomenal writers, and the reason behind this is that they really feel uneasy in expressing their feeling and emotions with others face to face, which is why they use writing to express it out all.


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9. For August born people, it’s very difficult to express

They hide their pain and emotions deep down and don’t want to share them with anyone. They will be crying inside but will never shed them out.



10. August born people are always right no matter what

When they start an argument, they will not give up on their point unless the other party gives up. This is the most negative traits of theirs as this might even result in ruin their marriage or love relationship. And if you have decided to marry an August born than be ready to accept this trait of theirs.


So, if you are in touch with August born people then be ready to face their privateness, anger, perfection and craziness



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